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Summer Media Institute 2008 - Trip To Emerson

Summer Media Institute 2008 - Trip To Emerson

Last week ended for the advanced group of SMI with a trip to Emerson College for a tour of the school and a workshop from Emerson Professor Marc Fields on Documentary Production. We watched pieces of documentaries, talked about the good and bad qualities a documentary can have. Participants were able to ask questions and share ideas to help with their documentary this year about the Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program.

Following the discussion, Marc took us on a tour of the Emerson facilities. We stopped first in a sound studio where a grad student talked to us about Protools and gave us a demo using a trailer for the movie cloverfield. We continued through the buildings, stopping shortly for lunch, looking at edit suites, studios, control rooms, Avid rooms and more learning about each one along the way. Everyone took a lot out of the experience, whether it was knew knowledge of programs and equipment or new ideas for the documentary.

A special thanks to Marc Fields and Emerson.

Enjoy the attached video clip!

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