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Brand New Website!

Brand New Website!

  • Posted on: 3 July 2008
  • By: owner

We rolled out our shiny new website today! Lots of thought and effort went into this redesign, with the purpose of making it easier to find local stories and content made by people who live here in Cambridge. We've worked hard to bring all the locally produced blogs, videos, and special programs up to the surface of the site.

Our users get a few extra features with this new website release as well. Bigger and better user profiles make it easier to create an online personality and easier for you to identify and recognize the people using our site. We've strengthened our use of RSS feeds all across the board, and we're listing our full, search-and-sortable class schedule on the site as well.

We're still working a few more things that will help Cambridge present more of Cambridge through out site, and we'll announce those when they are released. Have fun with our new stuff!


Congratulation, it looks great!

Sean, nice work, this looks fantastic and is really well organized. I love it!

You and your recreation of this website are a good
example of why once again next year we can look for-
ward to another national access award!!
The Love Guru!

The new site looks great! Did you use Drupal to
develop it?

Yes, the whole site is built on Drupal and its set of standard modules. Nothing custom here.