Hasson Rashid Making Public Comment at Cambridge City Hall Meeting! (6/13/2016).

Hasson Rashid Making Public Comment at Cambridge City Hall Meeting! (6/13/2016).

I wish City Manager’s office felt this way about affordable and homeless housing at Foundry Building, when it was also empty.

  • Posted on: 13 June 2016

Peace Be Unto You,
Hello everybody, I’m Hasson Rashid, I reside at 820 Massachusetts avenue, Cambridge, Ma. My Public Comment is about CMA I#9; CR I#4; ARL I# 16-16.

The city managers office is advancing an order to take 859 Massachusetts Avenue by eminent domain. In the text of the order it says, I quote “ I recommend that the City Council take the above referenced parcel of land for municipal purposes, including but not limited to the creation of Affordable Housing and municipal office purposes, and for all uses and purposes necessary thereto.” Unquote. I wish the City Manager’s office felt this way about affordable and homeless housing for the Foundry Building, at the time when it was also empty, etc. Also strange is that months and months of official public conversation and comments took place, concerning taking Vail CT by eminent domain, I think there were public hearings also concerning Vail CT., but all of a sudden from out of nowhere, an order is being created to take 859 Mass. Ave. by eminent domain, and an offer of over a million dollars in cash, is suggested to be allotted for this purpose, if necessary.

Where’s the public hearing for this? Once again it’s amounting to making municipal policy without public consent. Personally, I don’t think 859 Mass. Ave., in it’s present condition is worth that much, Also what happen to the chummy relationship that the city enjoyed with the Chamber of Commerce, who partnered with the city policy makers in many decisions to support developers, over the legitimate opinions and appeals o the common citizens and residents?

The Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) has received adequate funding from HUD for RAD improvements, and other funding resources, they have even been here in the city hall chambers recently, glorifying over their RAD financial achievements, etc. They have the financial resources at their command and disposal, to totally fund the installation and removal of air conditioning in CHA’s owned properties, why then does the city manager’s office think that funding or subsidizing, the cost with CHA and others is in order, when CHA is capable through federal and other funding resources to take on this task all alone?

I think that none of the proposed spending of public funds and tax payers monies mentioned in this public comment is necessary, it’s a useless waste of public funds and tax payers monies.

Finally, the city manager’s scheduled departure to leave office is bringing on an unnecessary series p proposals to spend public funds and tax payers monies. The city policy makers should exercise caution in approving this sudden mad spending frenzy of public funds and tax payers monies.

Yours In Peace,
Mr. Hasson J. Rashid
June 13, 2016
Cambridge, MA 02139

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