Non-Profits in Second Life

Non-Profits in Second Life

  • Posted on: 23 May 2008
  • By: Colin

We are planning an event here at CCTV in June to ask for your input on how we might begin to use the virtual world Second Life.

In advance of our meeting, I've been doing some exploring to find out which non-profits are currently using Second Life and why?

I found this short video by Susan Denby @ TechSoup on

"An eye-opening two-minute video on what Second Life, the online virtual world, is all about and what nonprofits can get out of participating. Check out what TechSoup is doing to create a community of nonprofits in Second Life."

There's also a great list of "Where to find non-profits in Second Life" online at

Please join our Launching into Second Life Drupal Group here at CCTV to receive updates about the project and more about the community forum in June.