Digital Divide Program April Update

Digital Divide Program April Update

  • Posted on: 25 April 2008
  • By: Colin

During the month of April, we've been administering the post-assessments to gain feedback from participants about their experience in the program. Allyson will be providing a report at our May 15 meeting on the data gathered.

The call center at RSTA has been busy. Most of the calls have been related to hardware problems, but others have been network related. The network issues have had to do with the fact that some residents may not be leaving their nodes plugged in during the day. This has impacted other residents' ability to connect to the network.

There are only a couple of people who have not been able to connect to the Internet at all. My understanding is that some people might be out of range of the main gateway. In this case, additional antennae will need to be set-up in order for those participants to receive access. I believe Ty is planning to provide more information on the status of the network at our next meeting.

All in all, the project has worked very well for most residents. Everyone has done a terrific job supporting them, particularly the students at RSTA who refurbished the computers and have been providing technical support. The event on June 2 should be a great chance to celebrate everyone's hard work.

(Photo above, "Meraki Mini" by NathanaelB, available under a Creative Commons license)