The Fence At the Sullivan Courthouse

The Fence At the Sullivan Courthouse

Celebrate our discontent, Ribbons on the Fence At the Sullivan

Dear Fellow Cantabridgians,

Following the disappointing Planning Board meeting of Tuesday and the upcoming Sullivan courthouse Planning Board this Tuesday the 29th of July. And after reading all the emails and feeling a sense of dead end as people analyze what is happening. And after being inspired by a small group of East Cantabridgians who tied up ribbons on the Fence surrounding the courthouse, I figured it would be a good idea to show our discontent in a positive artistic way. So, a couple of nights ago, I come up with the following.

The words: Lets embrace the fence (#embracethefence)

Today, ribbons are flying on the Fence surrounding the courthouse.
We think it's simply amazing. The action of a few awaken us.
The community can turn things around.

We ask all Cantabridgians: Make the Fence pretty.

During the next few days, weeks, come and contribute.
You, with your family, bring a ribbon, piece for art or anything.
Help us turn thing around, make the Fence pretty.

The messages:
The Fence is the symbol of a broken process. We, the community, participate but are never heard.
The Fence is a symbol of our silenced voices. Greed dominates the process, always the same faces.
The Fence is the symbol of 1%. We can turn things around.
The Fence is more than hope, it is a once in a life time opportunity to turn things around.
The Fence was ugly, tomorrow it will be pretty.

the Fence.. It is the embodiment of our actions and common participation as activists. We want something better for our community. We, as a community, can make it better. Lets embrace the fence, and promote the heck out of it. In a few days we could attract media attention to a broken process where the community is robbed of a public good with no real benefit, only smoke and mirrors. We can gather the whole of Cambridge and really stop, or at least slow down, developers. It's a bit of a crazy idea but we need to spread the words about the on going undemocratic and broken process, it is time to reach out, the Fence will be our symbol.

Please encourage everyone you know to come by the courthouse and hang a ribbon or piece of art or anything they feel like…use your favorite social media to spread the word amongst friend. If your a tweeter fan… let trend up the #embracethefence hashtag and lets come up with new creative ones….

I look forward to everyone's participation, lets demonstrate our discontent.



This afternoon, join us for a fun family events: Lets make the fence pretty! When: Today at 3pm. Where: Sullivan Courthouse, 3rd and Spring St, East Cambridge, 02141


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