Meeting Minutes 2008-02-06

Meeting Minutes 2008-02-06

  • Posted on: 7 February 2008
  • By: Colin

I. Assessment

Allyson introduced assessment materials and personal goals for pre-assessment period. She is still working on an intro letter and the contract.

Colin announced orientation day for 2/16 from 9-6. Participants are scheduled at their convenience to welcome people into the program and do the assessment. Will be social, not a test taking day, to convey our excitement of the program.

41 applications, some non-English speakers. We have received approximately 5 English applications requesting training in kreyol. Have not yet received applications in Spanish and kreyol (flyers went up later). Some people have indicated that they could do English but would prefer kreyol. Mixed applications, but mostly families. Much of the need expressed is for homework and for employment opportunities. Varied age range.

Deadline is passed, but we may receive more than 50 applications – we will have to assess what to do at that point.

Perhaps some CRLS students involved in the call center would help with intake. $13 per hour is available. Mina also made a list of intake workers available.

II. Status of Wifi

Ty reported that a 2 battery backups for the main connection. (there are many power glitches in Newtowne court)
He is contacting hosts of the meraki boxes and those who want to keep it will be tweaked to keep them working. 50 merakis will be deployed with the computers for the pilot. We will give them out with the computers – and we will tell them where to place them in their apartment, and be able to see if they get lit. network capacity - it is capable of handling the traffic of all of newtowne court. 18gigs of bandwidth has been used since October – if users are having trouble connecting, it is about how many hops away they are from the antenna. The devices are looking for the closest and strongest signal. There is not a limit to how many users can be on each node.

III. Node Distribution

In third training session, we can talk about the nodes and how to set them up – we know where our applicants live, we can tell them where to put them, so they can connect when they get home with their computers. There needs to be some training on how the network works. People need to understand that this is a challenge (the wifi technology) and we need to put it in context. The Chronicle article brought out the frustration that many are feeling about the network – this program will help strengthen the network and create advocates for the network in newtowne court.

There needs to be line of site for participants or they will be dependent on other people’s nodes. There still might be people who will have computers in the pilot who may have a hard time getting on.

Maybe an advisory committee should be set up through the tenant council.

We will provide a list of addresses to ITD after intake and Ty will determine which participants will have the most success with marakis and where they should be. Two more outside antennas will be installed as well.

IV. Computers

The equipment committee, Tony Russo and RSTA students have identified good software to put on the computers. 20 computers are almost ready to go; the processors were lest powerful than what we had planned. We had spec-ed out 1ghz computers and the ones we have are only 833mghz. We are ordering more ram to get those computers to be faster. We are hoping for better computers – ITD is looking for additional computers and get them refurbished in time for the session 3 people who will need them sooner. ITD has 24 computers to be delivered to RSTA this week. They think they are the same as the 20 that we already have. We need to make sure that these are the faster computers or we cannot use them. ITD will use interns to look at them, and DHSP will arrange for delivery.

V. Call Center Training

Ellen McLaughlin has been doing the call center training – 3 sessions completed to date – learning how to ask and answer questions, etc. Ty came in to talk about the network. next two trainings on tracking software. Ellen has questions that need to be answered, many by the City. How calls about the network get escalated, etc. great group of kids; they’re excited about the pilot and the call center. The questions were divided up.

Question of whether we are going to answer calls from non-participants.

Questions related to software/training can be directed to the other resources in the community.

What do we do after the kids are out of school? Mayor’s program and other possibilities for keeping the same kids on in the summer. DD will be in touch with OWD/Mayor’s Program.

Also have to be concerned about school vacation week.

VI. Training Program

Training coordinator was hired to oversee training schedule and trainers and aides. Thanks to CLC for a lot of help. Training sessions will be provided 2/23 – 2/24, 3/1-3/2 and 3/8-3/9. Plan to keep it moving forward quickly. People will be scheduled during the intake sessions – big question right now is kreyol speaker trainer. We have a Spanish speaker to train.

Do we need to consider childcare, ideologically? Windsor Street, Community Learning Center, cctv
Liability? Ages? Location? Safety? Can we look at CAC, Boys and Girls Club volunteers from Lesley or Philips Brooks House

What age can child and parent work together?

Next meeting 3/19 at 3 PM.