Steering Committee Minutes & Action Items

Steering Committee Minutes & Action Items

  • Posted on: 17 January 2008
  • By: Colin

I. Status of Wi-fi

• Roof antennas have capacity
• Participants will be able to help test and strengthen the network
• System is only as good as it is when nodes are plugged in/ challenge with non-participants.
• There needs to be education around how to use the nodes
• Once we know who's getting the computers, city can work with those people
• Will redistribute the nodes based on who's using it.

Action Items (Ty, Mary):

• Step 1: Identify nodes not plugged in & get them back
• Step 2: Contact residents who are not using nodes
• Step 3: Report back at February 6 meeting

II. Application process review

• Roz gave applications to people over the weekend
• Applications and flyers mailed to all residents
• Need flyers in Spanish and Kreyol put up at Pisani Center

Action Items:

• Steve: Translating application and flyer into Spanish and Kreyol.
• Colin/Roz: Put the flyers up on bulletin boards in each language
• Colin: Have additional applications in 3 languages available at the Pisani Center
• Ellen M.: Forward apps/ flyers to Area IV listserve?

III. Intake plan

• Need to meet w/ each family to assess needs and existing skill level
• Participants need to agree to be surveyed & training
• Need participant contract that includes agreement to have a node installed & to remain plugged in during the course of the project
• (Cell phone charger pulls more energy than a wireless router); agreement that computer will remain in the home until the end of the project; agreement to participate in evaluation and assessment
• Trainers doing the intake? Might need additional people to do bi-lingual training
• Intake might need to take place in a lab?
• Needing an overview of the program for the intake workers
• Saturday Intake at Windsor St. lab?
• We should try to use some of the same people as trainers & in-take workers
• Include "which of these times are good for you" eg, Tues, Thurs., Sat. morning
• Computers must be checked out as fully operable *

Action Items:

• Mina: Identifying Intake workers/ trainers
• Colin: Create Intake process & determine length of time for intake, including:
- (1) Overview, (2) Technical Assessment, & (3) Participant contract
- Work with Allyson and training subcommittee others on assessment and evaluation materials

IV. Tech

• 15 total computers have been software installed, next round to be delivered to RSTA
• Need to determine housing for all 50 computers?
• Where will computers be handed out to participants?
• Need to check in with the President of the tenant authority
• There are 4 more sessions to the call center training at RSTA
- Next two weeks, developing call scripts and tracking system
• Saturday 3 hrs week for tech support is set aside in the budget
• We have five extra computers, if hard drive fails
• Call center students from Tony's class & 2 from RSTA/ MIS (as backups after June)

Action Items:

• Roz and Ty: will connect on determining the Saturday tech
• Susan and Colin: checking with Steve on housing computers
• Linda and Colin: working with Tony re: computers from City and software/ hardware installation

V. Curriculum

• Should include how a wireless network works/how to find a network
• Subcommittee meeting 1/17
• Need to connect Intake, curriculum and assessment

Action Items:

• Colin: is addressing the items above and will work with committee on the assessment/ evaluation materials

VI. Facilities for training

• How do we get the computers to the residents?

Action Items:

• Colin/ Susan: working with Steve
• Mina: (see above III)
• Steve:
- Checking on other space for training and Saturday tech support
- Checking on storage space for computers from RSTA
- Transporting computers from RSTA?
- Checking on workforce use of the Windsor lab end during the week (evenings)?

VII. Next Steps

• February 6 meeting
• Should be a way to find an evening for the trainings checking on more spaces for training early evenings might be ok at Windsor St.