Bee Blog - the Road from blue to bright to Art

Bee Blog - the Road from blue to bright to Art

  • Posted on: 6 November 2007
  • By: tonibee

I am usually bright but sometimes the glare is too much, blue saunters in, and tries to take over. On a blue Friday, this past Spring, a friend reminded me of the ROAD program. It takes place in The Port (Area 4) at the Windsor Street clinic, and after she said Child care too, girl me an baby headed on over to check it out. Six months later, I am still involved with ROAD and because of that program my life has flipped right side up…
Reaching Out About Depression (ROAD) is managed by the Cambridge Health Alliance’s Department of Community Affairs and is, “a community-based program created by and for neighborhood women who are suffering in low-income communities with depression and its related issues.” The free-of-charge services include a workshop series (with child-care and healthy dinners provided), Social action events, leadership development, and an Advocacy Resource Team that grants additional support to a culturally diverse group of women. Matter of fact, stop by for the new workshops that just began on Friday’s from 5:30 to 8PM at the Windsor Clinic, floor 3

Oh, I see you peeped the above photo from “And Still We Rise” the art reception by ROAD women that took place at the Out of the Blue Gallery in October 2007 . That Social Action Event was well attended and the elegant masks and art displayed the blue of depression and the sunray of healing that emerged from the hearts of ROAD sisters. A lifeline of healthy Sisterhood has been my experience with and I highly recommend getting involved. Watch for more And Still I Rise photos and for more info on ROAD go to or call 617-591-6909


We are privileged to have other ROAD participants at CCTV - I say privileged because I think that people who have struggled with depression in their lives tend to be (OK, here go the generalizations) more self-knowing (if they have been fortunate enough to get to the other side) and perhaps more sensitive to other people. Thanks for posting this, so that maybe everyone will think about people who are suffering from depression (I like your metaphor about "blue sauntering in") and maybe some women can be helped by becoming involved with ROAD.