Possible introductory probing questions for Saturday

Possible introductory probing questions for Saturday

  • Posted on: 6 November 2007
  • By: qjames

Just brainstorming--

For Fans
-Is this your first bout?
-How did you hear about Derby Dames?
-Do you have a favorite team? What about them do you like?
-Who's your favorite player? Why?
-What's the most exciting aspect of the game in your opinion?
-(for women)If opportunities to roller derby were more prevalent when you were growing up would you have participated?
-(for men)If there were a league for men would you join?

For Players
-What's your nickname? How did you get it?
-How'd you come across the Derby Dames? Why'd you join?
-What's your favorite part of Roller Derby?
-Is this a dangerous game?
-What do you do for a living?
-Any other hobbies?
-You're playing style. What type of animal would you liken your playing style to?
-Is there a particular memory or moment in competition that stands out in your mind?


Those are great! Here are some of mine:

For Derby Dames:

Explain the goal of the bout - how do you score points?
We know there are three positions you can play - can you briefly explain each one?
What is going through your head before a bout?
Roller derby seems to have powerful draw for you guys, almost like a religion/cult. Is that a fair comparison? What is it that keeps you involved despite the time commitment/injuries?
What players on your team would you least like to play against? Why?
What kind of people come to watch the bouts? What do you think they like about it?
Desribe any injuries you've had. How'd they happen?
What do you do in your life outside of roller derby (work, hobbies etc)?
How does you family/partner/friends feel about you being in roller derby? Do they worry about you getting hurt? Are they ever jealous of the time commitment it takes?
What do people say when you tell them you play roller derby?
How have you personally changed since joining the league?
It seems like the media portrays roller derby as "men's entertainment" more than sport - what do you think about that? Does roller derby get the respect it deserves? How can this attitude be changed?

For Referees:

Some of the same questions above could work, plus:
Has a player ever gotten violent/angry at you? How did you deal with it?
(for females) Why be a ref rather than a player?
(for males) Do you wish there was male roller derby league?

For fans:

Are you a fan of any players in particular? Why?
The media seems to portray roller derby players more like sex symbols than athletes, what do you think? If we interviewed the rest of the audience, what do you think they would say?

if anyone else has questions post 'em - we'll put them all together and bring print outs on saturday.

Awesome! It'd be cool to interview any family/friends that are in attendance with some of these questions as well. Probably have unique insight.