Bee's Blog - Digitizing Myself

Bee's Blog - Digitizing Myself

  • Posted on: 30 October 2007
  • By: tonibee

I was in the land of edit 'sweets' hooking up my first DV Video about Area 4 Pride Day. I laughed and cried at my interviewing skills and the quotes that folks were kickin, AND almost finished a haphazard edit job on Final Cut Pro when I went to save and CRASH -EEK - My work dis-A-peared!

Horror, Frustration - NO - expletives flowed thru my brain and the hairs on this cat's back stood on end. Sure I tried to blame someone else for my failure...But in the end 'MEATHEAD - Just go to the JohnBrown Final Cut Class' Yelled my conscience - And now, three weeks later I am Digitizing myself (lest I go off the deep end, landing in hot lava again with some other project)
I am in week two of Final Cut Pro and Thanks to Garabed (a cool and informative professor)I shant be a total ignoramus...

Thanks to all who read the long A-double-S piece on ArtsCentral - I was itching to get it off tape, had to write the write (Transcription machine anyone?) - Uma try to Post ArtsCentral photos and the ROAD art show at Out of the Blue Gallery reel soon (movie term intended). 'Preciate yalls patience as I try to Digitize Myself instead of blaming others (although they had to have some part in this...)And remember take the course and try ure best to Be Digital…


oh, you brave, strong woman!! This production stuff is not for the weak of heart or soul. Good luck, those of us who are digitally challenged are watching and listening.

Good luck-- Can't wait to see your photos and videos!