The chicken or the egg? The blog or the campaign?

The chicken or the egg? The blog or the campaign?

Did anybody notice that just two days after my post about bike safety, the City of Cambridge announced a "New Campaign to Highlight Traffic Safety for Motorists/Cyclists"?

Coincidence? Design? Stimulus? Response?

I know, I's not like the Powers that Be read my blog, thought it was brilliant and decided it was high time to put some teeth into cyclist safety, and then whipped up this campaign in two days. No doubt it has been in the works for months or years...but nevertheless, it does make me feel effective...timely...powerful! BWAHAHAHAHA!!

In case you missed the E-Line announcement, here's the scoop:

Motorists — drivers and passengers -- must look and wait for cyclists to pass before making turns and opening car doors. (Turning and “dooring” are the two most common causes of car-bike accidents in the city.)

Motorists are not allowed to park or drive in bike lanes. If they do, they can be hit with a door -- no, just kidding, they can be hit with a $100 fine (better than a door, but still painful!).

So those are motorist responsibilities but what, you ask, what about cyclists? The Cambridge Police Department will be enforcing the use of bike lights (required by law between dusk and dawn) so don't leave home without one, especially at this time of year when it's dark during evening rush hour. And of course follow traffic signals and wear a helmet!

Cambridge is rolling out the message: You'll soon be seeing posters on bus shelters, stickers on taxi windows, and a lot more bikes!

For more information go to Cambridge's bike-car safety site.


you should also know that our bike-riding admin (featured here was doored last week along the very same route that he described in his video.........he spent the day in the hospital and has promised a cell phone video of his experience there, as well. So, all ye bike riders, be careful out there! and all ye drivers, look before you pop opne that door!

Oh NOOOOO! That's terrible! I hope he's ok! (And I hope he wasn't shooting a video while riding!) It's confusing, since the rules say "ride in the bike lane" but "the bike lane" is really the "door zone of death...". I hope he gets back in the saddle soon.
Margaret Desjardins
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