Science Hack Day

Science Hack Day

A two day event that brings together scientists, designers and nerds to collaborate on projects.

Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 10:00am

Science Hack Day is a two-day event that brings together enthusiastic scientists, developers, designers, and nerds of all kinds to facilitate an intense burst of collaboration on exciting projects at the intersection of science and technology.

SHD Boston will join a grassroots network of over a dozen Science Hack Days worldwide over the past three years. These events have generated hacks ranging from a tabletop cloud chamber to a visualization tool for networks of coauthors on scientific papers, from a mask that generates feelings of synesthesia to a strawberry DNA extraction protocol that results in a delicious cocktail. These hacks serve to generate excitement and interest in science, and even the more playful projects can have more serious applications: for example, software developed for detecting beard length was later used to track cosmic rays.

Participants need no prior experience, and can come with their own project, join an existing team, or generate new ideas together on the spot.

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