BeeBlog – Arts Central A Bee’s View

BeeBlog – Arts Central A Bee’s View

  • Posted on: 17 October 2007
  • By: tonibee

I rolled out the house on a brightly, breezy Saturday of October thirteenth, my intention was to head to Out of the Blue Gallery for the art opening of And Still We Rise created by the women of R.O.A.D (Reaching Out Against Depression). But I took a detour and rolled to Central Square in Cambridge to catch a glimpse of ArtsCentral 2007. This was the third year that Cambridge artisans collaborated with various businesses in the Square in order for the masses to See Art in Everything. That afternoon, I bumbled with the Sony readying self to grab shots of artists when my ears had to stop and pause. Afro bass, steady groove, 70’s like, clamored at me from the Brookline Street direction. Soon thereafter, I met a curly haired Latin dude inna money green jacket chatting with passers by. The Evidence of Sound hung across his neck…

Hi Mr. Nunez, tell me your name again?
My name is Mo and I go by DJ Mozart 212.

And u bust your move where?
I do the Uptown Hustle at the Enormous Room, 2nd and last Thursday of the month.

What R we listing too?
Fela Kutay

And today your reppin’ ArtsCentral in front of where?
Radio Shack

DJ Mozart is a teacher who hails from the Dominican Republic. I Sony’ed him and caught a clip of all the smoothness it takes to rock an Enormous Room in a Central Square… I grabbed some loot and preceded up the block just to stop at Cheapo Records where balloons beckoned another artist is here. As I walked in, the artist, pencil in tow, glided her hand along a cream colored page…

Hi …How are you…
I’m very well…

What’s your name and what is your medium?
My name is Kelly Foster, I do colored pencil drawings

How long have you been doing that
For about 3 years.

So you’re at Cheapo Records today did you choose the place or…?
Well, we gave preferences, maybe they gave me this place because I said ‘music would be nice’. I can’t imagine a nicer place to be today.

“You definitely blend in with everything going on here.” I told Foster, and bid her adieu not before spying her ladybug cards…I then snaked my way over to Teddy Shoes, for Middle Eastern music and bell dings caused my head to bop. I spoke to Sabrina who mentioned, “I’m from Quincy, I studied with local area belly dancers. I’ve been dancing for 11 years now.” The two belly dancers jiggled in their jaunty outfits of red, and black. They reminded me that I need to stop into the Dance Complex to get a hook up on the next dance class (and my own waistline)…In front of Footlocker on the corner of Pearl Street, a tall rocker type fella in shades tried to hold down 7 feet of paper on a windy spot that doubles as a T stop…

What’s your name man?
Biltmore. I’ve been stencil painting for about 2 years. I live in Cambridge.

Your work kinda reminds me of graf, graffiti art, is it related in anyway?
Uh yeah, I’d say it’s related…but I think it’s also related to a lot of other things too. Such as…I was thinking of the cavemen who spit the paint out and used their hands to stencil.

Word, I like that analogy.
(he laughs), It’s pretty old, yeah...

I hit Prospect Street, rushing to head to the And Still I Rise art show. Still, graf art was on my mind and my eyes found it at the digitally renowned CCTV studios. Royal blue wordArt, too fancy for me to decipher, hung like a flag in on pillar of concrete…I traipsed across the street to Lewis’ Beauty Salon and happened upon the visually stunning work of…

Jenna Fisher Miller…that sounds famous, famous lady what do you do?
(a he he) I do original works on canvas with acrylic paints and mixed media. I’ve been doing it for about 6 years.

Where are you from originally and how did you end up in Central Square?
I’m originally from Pennsylvania and I moved up to Boston to work and now I’m in Jamaica Plain. I have exhibited at Out of the Blue gallery and that’s why I’m here.

What inspires you?
I think just general colors in the world I find very inspiring, and light, like the way sunlight and colors interact.

I told Fisher Miller, “Your work is very vivid I’d never think that purple and green went together but they do today.” Later, she offered me one of her pieces and I opted for a violet eye with verde pupil, just the sci-fi piece I needed for my pad’s lofty white walls. Carberry’s, was my last pause before hitting the Out of the Blue gallery. A lady in the window was stringing prehistoric looking fish…

What’s your name and tell me about your work?
My name is Tamara Etington. I use a contemporary West African technique of working very thin metal over a wooden core so I make shapes out of wood which is the body of the fish and then I use either aluminum or copper and enclose it and because the wood is inside I can decorate it with nails and tacks

I saw Art an artist every where, on my Central Square Q&A stroll, but my view wasn’t the half of it. After the R.O.A.D. art opening, my friends boasted about going to the Y and making bags and ‘you should come Bee’…but already really twilight was approaching and since this was a Mama-weekend I had to ready myself for an evening of pursuits. Still, I got my fill of arts at ArtsCentral and certainly saw the art in at least every aspect of music, fish, and flat tummied belly dancing chics, in the heart of Central Square.
By Toni Bee


oh, my, Toni Bee, I have been waiting for a birds eye view of Arts Central and now I have it!! Thanks for the tour, it was most enjoyable, and I hope to see whta you Sony-ed!!

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