SYPP 2007 Introductions - Max Lewontin

SYPP 2007 Introductions - Max Lewontin

Participants in CCTV’s School Year Production Program made these short videos to introduce themselves to the CCTV community. Stay tuned for much more from this talented group of youth video producers!

United States


hey Max! Its your old guitar teacher. Remember playing @ the House of Blues?
Good to see, no surprise there, that you are still creating. i can't beleive this, but I found your guitar binder with the exercises and stuff. Want it?
Say hello to your parents,
take care,

bertrand - from Providence ri
PS:(I am part of a great theater/film school and we put out shows every week, with film and musical improv' theater.Come down on friday 7-8 for the improv, 8-9 for the films and other performances. Its called Friday Night Live:
let me know, I'll put you on the guest list
617 599 0661