'Being Disabled In A Harsh World' By Elizabeth Kanze

'Being Disabled In A Harsh World' By Elizabeth Kanze

Being disabled in The City of Cambridge is very hard ,because no one understands until there truly disabled. When I tell people I am disabled they look at me ,like I come from outer space. I wish they could walk in my shoes for a year and they come back to me. Some people of world don't slow down ,because time is money. Some people see the world as time is money. The rat race.Just I see the world in many ways ,but I don't understand the world of greedy. Why are people so greedy ?? What makes a person greedy ? I feel that we have lost

Being disabled in The City of Cambridge isn't easy ,because I feel that I don't fit in. I speak my mind about childhood sexual abuse and some people don't like that. Well, to bad. Being disabled, in The City of Cambridge MA. is hard because there are people who don't think highly of the disabled people. Maybe it's time to look in the mirror before putting someone else down.

Hamlet said ,that is '. I would say Hamlet was right. William Shakespeare wrote the play , 'Hamlet'. People still read the play 'Hamlet' ,because this play tells hard truth. 'Hamlet' Act Five : Scene 2 ,
Hamlet : 'Give me the cup. Let go, by heaven I'll have't. O God Horatio, what wounded name, Things standing thus unknown ,shall I leave behind me. If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart, Absent thee from felicity awhile, And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain.
To tell my story.'

I believe that Hamlet's story rings true ,because it's a about man dealing that the death of his dearest father. Then his mother marries his father's brother ,and Hamlet is broken do to these two acts of torture.How sick is Hamlet's mother to marry her late husband's brother ??
The brother killed Hamlet's father and married Hamlet's mother. Hamlet's mother had to know that this had happened. Hamlet's mother did sexual abuse him when he was a child ,because when he had to deal with his mother.He hated and loved his mother at the same time, because his mother used Hamlet. Hamlet was so deeply effected by his mother.I understand Hamlet's anger at his own mother ,because she abused him so deeply. He was hurt by mother very deeply. The abuse changed Hamlet ,and he was deeply scarred by his mother's deeds.

I look a the world as one ,but it's not one. You turn on the news or the radio and people are at war with each other. They going to war for one reason or another. Then, they say that they want more troops ,and then people we know going to war. Are friends and member family going to war and then they come home. They are never the same. How could they ever be the same. War changes people ,because what you see in war and do a effects you forever.
People, who like war are disabled in a way ,because they believe war is right and good. That is truly sick. War is sickness that effects the human race makes it sicker.
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