Forum on “Innovation for Sustainability” to be held April 25th

Forum on “Innovation for Sustainability” to be held April 25th

Unconferences, according to technology guru David Winer, are based on The Law of Two Feet, one which holds:
If during the course of the gathering any person finds themselves in a situation where they are neither learning nor contributing, they must use their two feet and go to some more productive place.

On April 25th an unconference devoted to “Innovation and Sustainability,” will take place at the Venture Café of the Cambridge Innovation Center. The event is sponsored jointly with Hub Boston and EcoMotion.
Organized, structured and led by participants, the gathering will allow freedom to proactively generate content. Much as Wikis and open source, unconferences have gained in popularity among entrepreneurs unconstrained by hierarchy and receptive to collaboration.

The format should be conducive for exploring ‘sustainability,’ a concept which eludes agreement about its true meaning. Offering perspectives will recognized practitioners such as Mark Orlwoski of Sustainable Endowments institute, Shaun O’Roarke from the Boston Architectural Center and Kisten Von Hoffman of the Cambridge School District.

Pundits have observed that small, entrepreneurial businesses may be slow on the uptake of sustainability standards as practiced by corporations. Such criticism overlooks growing interest of smaller firms in embedding sustainability aims as their very core mission.

Entrepreneurs increasingly focus innovative energies on clear and immediate needs in cleantech, education, health care and other areas of social value. Arguably, it is the genuine integration of public purpose with for-profit activity which defines, in part, sustainable business practice.

The April 25th unconference thus promises a lively discourse. Participants are encouraged to identify their innovative efforts and to propose topics to be addressed. To reserve your place please go to:


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