CCTV and NeighborMedia help bridge the communication gap at Be The Media 2012

CCTV and NeighborMedia help bridge the communication gap at Be The Media 2012

  • Posted on: 6 December 2012
  • By: MauriceW

Above Susan Segat of NeighborMedia describes her use of iPhone technology to report stories in Cambridge.

Today NeighborMedia has the pleasure of covering BE THE MEDIA 2012 - Bridging the Communications Gap for Transformative Civic Action at the Third Sector New England Non-Profit Center (TSNE). The conference is sponsored by the Progressive Communications Network (PCN) of Boston and New England. This is an amazing informative conference bringing together various non-profit organization from all over New England with various communication needs both on and offline. The conference began earlier this morning at 9:30am and concludes at 5pm with a great introduction from moderators including Amaad Rivera of the Massachusetts Commission Against Disrimination and Progressive Communicators Network. Mr. Tom Louis of PCN provided a warm welcome for the audience.

With my press credentials also courtesy of Mr. Tom Louis of PCN, I am off discovering the many layers of communications for different organizations trying to do good works in our region. I begin in the first workshop at 11:15am entitled Communicating/Organizing Across Differences. It was a highly popular workshop with gathered numerous people sharing their stories to be better communicators internally and externally. Exercises included myself as a participants conveying an 'oppressive communicative pose' to illustrate the differences people experience in organizations. These examples are designed to communicate and stimulate thinking and understanding structures of organizations to be more effective communicators.

My second conference includes CCTV's own Nicole Belanger and Neha Agrawal discussing and describing Best Practices from CCTV's Neighbor Media. Susan Segat is a guest presenter. Her videos included a person on the street catch of a Fresh Pond park ranger telling a story about an upcoming event as well as a new congressperson, Ed Markey, making himself known to constituents. More commentary with participant enrollees will follow. NeighborMedia is proud to report and be part of an outstanding media experience.

After taking a break and lunch courtesy of Haley House, great meals btw, the second part of the workshops began. There were three afternoon sessions conducted. One engaging workshop was titled, 'Act Up! Creative Media and Action for Social Change'. The presenter Cara Lisa Berg Powers was from Press Pass TV. She delivered and shared a very passionate and interactive story about an art exhibit her group exhibited to give a voice to Boston's youth and families who have been torn apart by violence. Her videos included youth in a flashmob speaking on violence and how social media can be used to disseminate messages for a social action. Media coverage and partnerships were discussed about how to navigate to through the tough waters to gain support.

Be the Media in terms of its outreach was outstanding. 2012 messages for organizational communication should pay off huge dividends for many nonprofit independent non-traditional organization 2013 campaigns. Many citizens in Cambridge and nationwide should look forward to hearing and seeing the many helpful results.


Thanks for the great coverage, Maurice! The video says it is private and won't play? :-(

What a great event! Thanks for providing a written story on this Maurice!

And Susanna, Neha, and Nicole-- way to go on showing a larger community more of what CCTV can and does provide to the larger community through demonstration.

Joan Squeri Cambridge resident and
Neighbor Media Correspondent