Where were you when the wireless went out?

Where were you when the wireless went out?

  • Posted on: 29 November 2012
  • By: MauriceW

So, here’s the facts, as I know them. I am one of the 17,000 or so Cambridge residents from JFK street to Kendall Square without power. Lights are ON in Harvard Square, no real surprise there. Although the power outage did postpone a Obama-Romney forum at the JFK School of Government. (Big Deal)

Traffic lights are out and its at the height of rush hour. This doesn’t ‘signal’ a great commute. I am glad I am home. Along Memorial Drive there is major gridlock and police are trying to guide drivers, expect big delays in both directions.

Cambridgeside Galleria is closed. Sorry Holiday shoppers, you’ll have to select another day for a deal.
Problems are along the Redline from Harvard Square’s T Stop through to Charles St.

The weather expected to be very cold this evening. Not good. But the automated call from NSTAR claims the problem will be resolved by 6:30pm. Let us PRAY!?

The why? NSTAR trying TRACKDOWN A TRANSMISSION line several hours for power to be restored across the city. News outlets say the problem ranges from East Cambridge to Kendall Square? Really, I’m in Cambridgeport and I’m effected. Go figure.

Police officers at all major intersections. People possibly stuck in elevators at MIT, Firefighters are aware. Dan Ravello spokesperson.

My lights just went back on at 6:15pm. Hopefully other residents managed to regain their power. I will say that I had all the necessary supplies, batteries, candles, transistor radios. I feel good about that. The only thing the laptop was good for was a light to find my candles ironically.


   Thanks Maurice, I was hoping to find something on CCTV about the outage.
   At 4:30 there was just enough light here in Cambridgeport so that I could find my kerosene lamp and a couple of candles. I needed to get downtown for a dinner at Liberty Hotel on Charles Street, and traffic was barely moving, so I made my way in the dark up to Central Square. It was a relief to see lights at the T station; the cars were packed, but it was the way to go -- from Kendall Square to the Charles/MGH stop we were passing backed-up auto traffic all along the bridge. Everything normal on the other side of the river; Liberty Hotel had dinner ready.
   My husband was at a lecture at MIT -- the speaker's Power Point went dead, and he finished up with old-time technology: blackboard and chalk.