How to Post Multiple Photos to Your CCTV Blog

How to Post Multiple Photos to Your CCTV Blog

  • Posted on: 22 June 2010
  • By: Colin

Step 1: Open an account at & upload some photos. Benefits include:
• Free photo hosting
• Auto photo resizing
• Easy photo sharing on CCTV blog
• Auto slideshow generation by tag (category), etc.

Step 2: Choose the photo on Flickr that you want displayed at the top of your blog post. Click on the photo. Above the photo, select "actions," then "View all sizes".

Step 3: Select the Medium (500 x 375) photo and click on “Download the Medium Size” & save to Desktop.

Step 4: Log in to and Create New Blog Entry.

Step 5: Navigate to "imagefield" in your blog entry and use “upload a new image” to upload your Flickr photo located your Desktop. Click Submit.

Step 6: To insert another photo within your blog entry, select your photo on Flickr. Above the image, click the arrow to right of facebook and twitter icons.

Step 7: Click “Grab the HTML/BBCode” and change size to Small (240x141) from the drop down and then copy the code in the field following “Grab the HTML/BBCode”. Make sure "HTML" is selected.

Step 8: Navigate back to your blog entry at and insert the copied code into your blog post where you'd like it to appear.

Step 9: Make sure that "Full HTML" is selected under "Input Format".

Step 10: Repeat Steps 6-8 to add more photos within your CCTV blog entry.

Step 11: Preview and then save your post.

(Photo above by code poet available on Flickr under a Creative Commons license)

Revised Oct 26, 2010