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The Haitian Firefly: "Sparks in the Dark: A Lighter Shade of Blue, A Poetic Memoir" by Jacques Fleury

The Haitian Firefly: "Sparks in the Dark: A Lighter Shade of Blue, A Poetic Memoir" by Jacques Fleury

Allo et Bonjour! It is mois, The Haitian Firefly coming at yaahhh! Bonne Annes a tous le monde (Happy New Year to All)! Well, I did it. I have officially published my first professional book and it is now available world wide. Below is a description, some product information & a poetry sample. Please check it out and contact me with any questions or even just to say "Hello firefly. Nice smile. Free Friday Night?" I take all comers. Equal opportunity lover here. Ha Ha Ha! I love you guys. Thank you all who have contributed to my fire!

Book Description, Product & Contact Information

Sparks in the Dark chronicles Jacques Fleury's journey out of Haiti, living in America, and realizing his American Dream: becoming a published writer.

This revolutionary book is imbued with lush evocative language; an innovative mixture of great Spiritual and intellectual magnitude. A blend of prose and poetry that challenges ideologies of abuse, oppression, dictatorship and essentially dissension.

Fleury is an autonomous imagination unlike any other. You will be taken on a fantastic journey of self discovery and acceptance. Sparks shows that out of misery, comes joy, beauty and essentially survival of the human spirit!

The Boston Globe says, "Jacques Fleury depicts his story with pathos and humor."

Emmy Winning WGBH TV Producer and Educator Lynett Laveau Saxe says, "A tapestry of poems that keep the reader on a tight rope trajectory through his optimism, veracity and wonderment. Fleury masterfully weaves in and out of subjects that cut deep into the psyche and emerges as the armchair philosopher and activist."

"Sparks in the Dark: A Lighter Shade of Blue, a poetic memoir"
Jacques "The Haitian Firefly" Fleury

Poetry Sampler


we'll dock stones
roll and
we'll unroll
In my america
the big flying eagle
birds well done abroad.
Two groups of people
the rich and the poor
the young and the old
the white and the black
and three tons of fat
all in procession
silent tales are blooming
flowers growing shells
olive branches
climbing white house walls
two candles burning
shades of gray
holy bloody sunday comes
sunday morning
god bless those whose veins
bear none
twilight swallows the moon
soldiers gone awol
run like panthers
here and gone
they've staged a snare
running rivers very dry mouths
Dutiful soldiers beat their drums
paragons of strengh and honor
mascarade balls
dinky shoots smack and
the dumb blond flunks
fall down stand up
walk the line
walk backwards
juggling well
will set you free.

Copyright 2005 by Jacques "thehaitianfirefly" Fleury All Rights Reserved

Buy it now! It will change your life and challenge what you think you know about Haiti!


Jacques "thehaitianfirefly" Fleury

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