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Vacancy Recount Scheduled for Brian Murphy's City Council Seat

Vacancy Recount Scheduled for Brian Murphy's City Council Seat

  • Posted on: 11 February 2009
  • By: Susan

I made a mistake in my last post - with proportional representation, one cannot make any assumptions!

The assumption would be that, if a councilor resigns, the person who came in 10th in the general election would be seated - and that would be Larry Ward. But that is not the case - because of the way the votes are re-distributed, a recount is required.

According to Robert Winters (rwinters.org), who is THE expert on PR voting:
"All ballots and only those ballots credited to Brian Murphy in the 2007 election (1364 ballots) will be used to determine his replacement in an Instant Runoff election. These ballots are a public record and it's a simple manner to use the election tabulation software to determine the outcome. Indeed, once the official process takes place, first-time candidate Larry Ward will succeed Brian Murphy in all conceivable scenarios."

So, from the City's press release today:
"Pursuant to the Cambridge Charter and Massachusetts General Law chapter 54A, the Cambridge Election Commission will hold a 'Vacancy Recount' to fill the seat.

This 'Vacancy Recount' of Brian Murphy’s ballots will be held on Tuesday, February 24, at 2:30 p.m. in the Election Commission office, 51 Inman Street (1st Floor). Marsha Weinerman, the Election Commission Executive Director has been designated as the Director of the Count for this purpose."

Stay tuned for official word!