David Fichter Interview scheduled

David Fichter Interview scheduled

this Wednesday, March 14 at 6:15 PM we will interview the artist, David Fichter. there are some backgrounds in the studio. if anyone has a chance to check them out we should try to get an idea of how to set up the studio for David. I forwarded him the questions that we have already brainstormed.

How would you characterize the community in Central Square at the time you started this project?
What problems did you see? How did you want to help this community thru this mural?
(What effects did you hope the mural would have on the community?)
What community effects have you seen? Do you think that your piece was successful?
What was the experience like working with 50 volunteers?

anything else to add.

after the studio shoot we can walk over to harvest and do that shoot.


Strong work, Frogmatter! That's seriously sweet.

Thoughts on a backdrop...The other 2 interviews we've got planned should have a lively, on-location, informal feel (a stand-up in Harvest Market in front of the veggies, and Mario in front of the mural). I think we should try to match that feel/energy in David's interview as well, so that the visual energy doesn't fall flat at that point when we cut to a formal studio interview.

Some ideas on how to do this:

* Try to get an energetic/animated interview out of him (unless he's super-energetic all on his own, that means that the interviewer needs to inject that energy)

* Make it look like he's sitting down in his art studio by putting some colorful jars of paint & brushes in the foreground (I'll bring these in case we want to use them)

* Shoot him on the blue wall/curtains as backdrop and chromakey them out in post, dropping in an image of his mural behind him ...Altho of course here we'll probably have problems with hair halos and general cheesiness of affect/effect

* In post: Bring up the visual energy by doing snappy cutaways to stills of his very colorful work during the interview, keep the music zippy, etc

OK, see you tomorrow, folks.

Cat Hainfeld