Starter info on the artist behind the mural

Starter info on the artist behind the mural

Hey all...Just a little info to kickstart us on researching the 18 artist.

David Fichter's website:

Jake, I think you'll be particularly interested in this...He's got a whole section on the process of creating a public mural.

He's got some great photos up of the painting of the mural...Let's ask him for permission (and larger files) so we can include them in the doc, waddya think?


I am assuming that all of this is about the new Zip Docs class? Cool!

David Fichter is a great choice - he has been doing awesome community murals for alot of years - in some cases, collaboratively with the community.

Good luck!

Thanks Susan! Yes, it was very encouraging to see someone so committed to using art as a sort of avatar for the spirit of community...It's always so inspiring to come across folks doing such heartfelt work. I hope he can join us for the new ZIPDoc!

Cat Hainfeld