Harvest Market owner interview: scheduling, background, questions, etc.

Harvest Market owner interview: scheduling, background, questions, etc.

Hey all!

I spoke last night with Garland McQueen, the owner of Harvest Market (the mural's on the outside of the building). Garland said he would be glad to do an interview, and was enthusiastic about our covering the creation of the mural and the positive effects of public art on the community.

Some relevant points from our conversation, re: the interview:
- Harvest Market does NOT own the building.
- The mural was completed before McQueen took ownership of Harvest Market, so he wasn't there for that (bummer)
- He does have, however, a relic from the time of creation, specifically a b&w sketch by the artist given to Harvest Market as a gift; he will bring it to the interview
- McQueen said that many people do indeed come in and comment positively on the mural (a big one we were hoping for...I think that should be a big focus of our interview, talking to him as sort of the collector of commentary over the years)
- He is very positive about the mural, as well as our production

Details relative to shooting:
- We have permission to shoot anytime between 6 and 9 pm on Wed 3/14 as we hoped, during classtime
- We have permission to shoot in front of the pretty veggies
- I checked out the mural at night to see what ambient lighting is available...There is a streetlight on the street side that lights a good chunk of wall pretty brightly...brightly enough to my eyes, if we need it.

I've just sent Garland a follow-up email re-stating shooting plans, and also including the type of questions we'll be asking in the interview, as he requested:

- [ ] Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you
to Central Square.
- [ ] How would you characterize the community here?
- [ ] How long have you owned Harvest Market?
- [ ] How did the existence of the mural affect your decision to buy
the business? How did it affect your view of this business and
its place in the community?
- [ ] What can you tell us about the decision to put this mural on the
- [ ] Can you tell us what you know about the actual making of the
mural? Did the store owners or employees participate, and how?
- [ ] Do you often hear positive comments from customers about the
mural? What do they say?
- [ ] Tell us why this mural is important to your store.
- [ ] How do you think having this piece of public art on your
building affects your business?
- [ ] Does it create greater goodwill with customers?
- [ ] Does it help to make your store feel more a part of the
- [ ] Does it create greater customer allegiance to your store?
- [ ] How does this mural fit in with your Mission Statement?
How does it support your efforts in the community?
- [ ] What kind of positive effects do you think this mural has on the
community at large, even if they don't shop here?
- [ ] How do you feel about the mural?

Also, here's a link to some quick background on Harvest Market:
When I read this, I felt I suddenly understood the mural:
"Harvest Co-op Markets is a community owned, not-for-profit cooperative that started over 30 years ago..."
...and, from their Mission Statement:
"Harvest Co-op Markets is committed to building a vibrant community and healthier world by selling natural and organic food and bringing the benefits of cooperatives to our members...We strive to build a democratic and welcoming community that celebrates the diversity of our members."

Does it not sound like this mural was designed specifically to illustrate this mission statement? I just checked out the artist's website (http://www.davidfichter.net ) and learned that the mural is entitled, "The Potluck", but he doesn't mention the market. It does come across as a bit of an advertisement, considering the business within the walls...but it is a community-owned business. Was a major point of this piece to celebrate/advertise the community-owned market? Enquiring minds want to know.