Community Immersive Media

Community Immersive Media

Here you can find info on CCTV's immersive media equipment, view member productions, find resources, and browse courses.

Welcome to CCTV's Immersive Media page!

What is immersive media? "We can define immersive media as technologies that attempt to create, or imitate the physical world through digital simulation. It is the coming together of technology and reality. Examples of immersive media are virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality..." (Imagine 4D)

In 2018 CCTV took on virtual reality and 360° filmmaking (immersive media) as an area of interest for the Cambridge community and beyond. We believe immersive media is something everyone should have access to, whether it's consumption or creation. Immersive media is a new and emerging field, waiting to be defined by a new generation of creators and artists. We want to create opportunities so everyone can help shape the future of this powerful medium. CCTV now offers courses in 3D art and animation, 360° cameras, and immersive filmmaking every quarter, so be sure to keep an eye out and start your journey in becoming an immersive media filmmaker!

We have a growing number of 360° cameras and other immersive media equipment for members to use. This includes a Virtual Reality lab, HTC Vive headset equipped with Google Tilt Brush, x4 Insta460 One X camera bundles, x5 Oculus Go's, and x4 Samsung Gear360s. Our computers come with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk Maya, and Unity Game Engine as well.

For further questions or inquiries about producing or collaborating, please contact Youth & Immersive Media Coordinator

A Brief History of Immersive Media

Immersive Media NOW!

Immersive Media NOW! from Cambridge Community Television on Vimeo.

Interested in teaching an immersive media related course or enrolling in ones we offer? Have a suggestion or request? Contact or (617) 661-6900

    Courses we currently offer include...
  • Intro to 360° Cameras
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to film something in 360° degrees? Are you curious about new and emerging technologies? Look no further! In this class students will learn the basics of shooting 360° film using the Insta360 One X camera. By the end of this course you will feel comfortable using our 360° cameras and viewing your footage on a computer.

  • Intro to 360° Editing
  • 360° filmmaking/virtual reality is a new and emerging form of media storytelling taking the world by storm. It's a storyform defined by innovation and creativity that is growing bigger and bigger each year. In this class students will learn the power of immersive storytelling and the essentials to editing 360° footage in Premiere. By the end of the course students will feel comfortable editing 360° footage, exporting a virtual reality project, and learn about the different places one can exhibit such work.

  • The Art of Immersive Storytelling
  • Virtual Reality filmmaking is a new and emerging medium taking the media world by storm. It's a form of storytelling unlike anything before, allowing filmmakers to fully immerse viewers in the stories they tell. In this course students will learn the basics of VR filmmaking, from pre to post production. They will have the opportunity to produce a short immersive film using CCTV's new equipment with peers or independently. By the end of the course students will have the essential tools and understanding of VR film production that will put them on track to becoming effective immersive story tellers.

  • Build Your Own Virtual Reality
  • In this class you will learn the basics of creating a virtual experience in Unity, utilizing in-software assets and downloaded ready-made models. This course will provide a basic understanding of the program, building environments in virtual space, and the unique cinematic/interactive possibilities therein. Each student will create a finished product that can be viewed on a VR headset or as a 360° video.

    Past courses include Intro to 3D Character Design, Mad Mad 3D World Design, Intro to 360° Filmmaking

Check out Cambridge Community Television's 360° Vimeo playlist! If you're viewing on a computer, make sure to use your mouse and click around the video to experience it in full 360.

Check us out our Google Tilt Brush projects on Poly!