Lessons From Beyond the Field: IMA Conference

Lessons From Beyond the Field: IMA Conference

  • Posted on: 21 February 2007
  • By: jmc

Public media types from National Public Radio, Public Broadcasting Service, Public Radio International and more are coming to Boston this week in order to share their knowldege at the Integrated Media Conference. This conference is geared torwards NPR and PBS professionals. However, in order to broaden the educational opportunities of the event, Jake Shapiro at Public Radio Exchange asked CCTV help guide a conference session on what was happening in other social media related fields. Particularly, he asked our help in conveying what Public, Education and Government access tv centers are doing to engage the public on-line.

Felicia Sullivan, a long-time community media professional, now the Executive Director of the Organizer's Collaborative, agreed to present on PEG Access and new media methods. Below is the session we came up with:

"Lessons from Beyond the Field: Public broadcasting isn't the only industry that's exploring the role of social media in their work. Community groups, nonprofits and other entities are embracing Web 2.0 at an amazing pace, and some of their experiences can serve as valuable lessons for what we may want to develop as well. In this session, we'll focus on three sectors: nonprofit groups, public access television and community-oriented citizen journalism."

    Speaker - Topic
  • Pat Aufderheidi - Moderator
  • Beth Kanter - nonprofit social media
  • Felicia Sullivan - Public, Education & Government Access
  • Lisa Williams - Placeblogging

For more information on the conference, visit: IMA Conference Wiki or visit the IMA 2007 blog.