Lily Bouvier, Nov 23, 2017
Watch Cambridge Stands Up For the Anthem: An Announcement by the CRLS Black Student Union
Lily Bouvier, Nov 16, 2017
Christos shares his life story as an immigrant from Greece - as well as his thoughts on shoes.
Lily Bouvier, Nov 11, 2017
Beginning this week, watch sessions from the Resistance School on CCTV.
Lily Bouvier, Nov 2, 2017
Tuesday November 7 is Cambridge Municipal Election Day. New City Council and School Committee members will be selected.
Lily Bouvier, Oct 28, 2017
Made in Cambridge: What's Happening in Kendall Square? is a two-part symposium hosted by the Cambridge Historical Society
Lily Bouvier, Oct 20, 2017
Leading up to Halloween, this weekend's marathon on Channel 9 features a spooky mix by local video producers.
Lily Bouvier, Oct 13, 2017
City Hour from the City of Cambridge features short videos on city programs and initiatives.
Lily Bouvier, Oct 7, 2017
The program celebrated 100 episodes with a live show at the Wimberly Theater in Boston.
Lily Bouvier, Sep 28, 2017
The Cambridge Public Library event will feature Maria McCauley, Timothy Snyder, and Callie Crossley.
Lily Bouvier, Sep 20, 2017
This week, find out where each City Council candidate stands on issues pertaining to climate and the environment.
Lily Bouvier, Sep 14, 2017
This week CCTV features video shorts produced by youth in this summer's Youth Media Institute.
Lily Bouvier, Sep 7, 2017
A big week for live, local events on CCTV Channel 8.
Lily Bouvier, Aug 30, 2017
The Cambridge Day and the Cambridge Public Library hosted an event to tell stories of local activists, past and present.
Lily Bouvier, Aug 24, 2017
Plus, short film Burning Bridges, this year's Galluccio Sports Breakfast, and a food-appreciation weekend marathon.
Lily Bouvier, Aug 16, 2017
Students in CCTV's latest ZipDocs Class decided to investigate a funner side of our city.
Lily Bouvier, Aug 14, 2017
CCTV focuses on East Cambridge during this week's Channel 9 Marathon.
Lily Bouvier, Aug 2, 2017
Watch the series, produced in Northern California, on CCTV Channel 8 every Wednesday and Saturday evening.
Lily Bouvier, Jul 27, 2017
Follow East Cambridge through its "rebranding" over the last century into what it is today.
Lily Bouvier, Jul 24, 2017
50 years since Loving v. Virginia, the 1967 landmark Supreme Court decision that struck down state laws banning interracial marriage
Lily Bouvier, Jul 12, 2017
This Is My Land follows Israeli and Palestinian teachers during a school year and the way they teach their national history.
Lily Bouvier, Jul 6, 2017
An evening of poetry & celebration to honor the artist on his birthday.