Future of Public Access @ Beyond Broadcast

Future of Public Access @ Beyond Broadcast

  • Posted on: 24 February 2007
  • By: Colin

There was (the beginning of) an excellent discussion today on the future of public access TV at the Beyond Broadcast conference @ MIT. During one of the afternoon working groups, Dan Gillmor (Center for Citizen Media/Berkman Center) and Jason Crow (CCTV) lead a conversation to "discuss the nature and future of public access in a broadband age."

Danielle took excellent notes which are available on the Beyond Broadcast wiki. Here are some of the highlights (from Danielle):

"What is the goal? What do we want PEG access to look like? What should it do in the Internet age? How can we get there?

1. Follow Denver Open Media's 6 point plan (all digital content, web-accessible, rating & categorization, licensing, bandwidth, close digital divide (access) )

2. Conquer the current lack of communication and organization as a nationwide movement

3. Do development and fundraising [online community media, project management, $$$]

4. Training and media education

---create a media toolkit for Public Access (based on Worcester model)"

On the wiki, you can also find a list of participants and a link to the original proposition from Dan Gillmor - "phasing out public access TV and replace it with something more attuned to the digital age".

While it was great to be there with Dan and many folks from the PEG community (who are doing some innovative things with new technologies), I think there was definitely a missed opportunity for the group to come together and find common ground with which to move PEG forward in a digital age.

I would have liked to see more ideas upon which possibly a PEG Internet model could be established. Meaning, what might it look like? Where might its funding sources come from (if not from cable providers)? How might PEG Internet Centers differ from PEG TV Centers? What would this all really look like, feel like, and smell like?

Perhaps this was just the beginning of a much larger conversation, but I look forward to hearing more from folks both within and outside access who are taking a much broader look at opportunities for PEG access to not only exist, but connect, collaborate and participate in an Internet age.

Thanks to Dan for sparking the conversation and to the rest of the group for their contributions. I look forward to participating in further discussions on this topic.


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