CCTV's Statement of Core Values

CCTV's Statement of Core Values

On 8/5/2015, the Board of Directors of CCTV approved this Statement of Core Values

1. Free Speech: CCTV’s channels provide a free speech forum.

2. Community: CCTV strengthens the Cambridge community by fostering civic engagement. In addition to home and work, CCTV itself is a place to engage with community.

3. Responsiveness: CCTV is committed to responding quickly to ever-changing community needs, through special trainings, initiatives, and the production of programming for our channels.

4. Commitment to excellence: CCTV produces high caliber programming and delivers high quality media arts and technology training to support community members in their efforts to create quality media.

5. Accessibility: CCTV makes media-making and use of technology accessible to all. CCTV offers access to equipment and training to all Cambridge residents and organizations.

6. Creativity: CCTV is a space where Cambridge residents can experiment, share work with others, learn, and grow.

7. Collaboration and Relationships: CCTV collaborates with others to strengthen our work and theirs, and fosters strong and meaningful relationships between members, staff and the broader community.

8. Integrity and Professionalism: CCTV staff and members act with integrity and professionalism when representing the organization and our work.

9. Diversity: CCTV is committed to serving all Cambridge organizations, businesses, and residents from all walks of lives, particularly those whose faces are not seen and voices are not heard.

10. Safe and Welcoming: CCTV is committed to creating a welcoming and professional environment in our facility in which all are able to feel safe and respected.