Website Survey Questions

Website Survey Questions

The MAO Committee is developing questions for an upcoming survey of members and non-members about the new CCTV website.

Here's a list of questions we have at this point. If you are a member (or not) please feel free to leave your responses below. Thanks!

* Do you use the website? If so, how often?

* What is most useful to you about the website?

* What would you like to see different about the website?

* Where do you go for news in cambridge?

* How did you find out about CCTV?

* Are you involved in other local organizations in Cambridge?


how about: how easy is it for you to find out things you need to know about CCTV?

do you read the newsletter?
weekly e-newsletters?

Thanks, Susan. We'll add these questions to the list!


The survey looks great. I had one other thought: would it be useful to ask not only what members find most useful about the website, but also what they find most useful about CCTV so that we can think of ways to make the website reflect those things (for example, we've talked about the educational aspect of CCTV and reflecting that on the website through how-to guides, or even instructional videos).

Hi Maggie,

That's an excellent suggestion. We definitely should more prominently feature the training and instructional materials that are already online, and adding more would be great. (I'm anticipating people might say the same if asked.)

I agree that looking at the things people like at the brick-and-mortar station and seeing if they'd like them transferred to virtual form is something we should do in the survey.

In related news- Training room/"fishbowl" is booked 5:30-6:30 for the MAO meeting this coming Monday, April 9th.