Calling "Opinionators" in 02138

Calling "Opinionators" in 02138

Is 02138 “The World’s Most Opinionated Zip Code”?

What do YOU think?

Become an Opinionator – comment, critique, contribute! Start a blog! Make a video! Get involved! What do you think is important? What do you want to hear about? What’s bugging you?

But enough about you, let’s talk about ME.

My name is Margaret and I live in 02138 with my ten-year-old daughter and our two opinionated gnomes, Greta and Vladimir. If “luck” is where experience collides with opportunity, I am lucky to be part of this hyper-local media initiative and I will use my power to take over the world, BWAHAHAHAHA!! and psyched to find interesting 02138 stories.

I’ve worked at CBS News, Sports Illustrated, PBS, and HBO…slid into multimedia (same ideas, different technology) writing and producing entertainment arena shows, CD-ROMs, and web products. When the Internet startup for which I was the Executive Producer “dot-bombed” in the Great Dot-com Purge of the New Millennium, I bailed out of the wreckage and waited out the storm in grad school, finishing my MFA in writing at Bennington.

Now I do user-interface design, information architecture, content development, and project management – which is really all about designing good user experiences.

I am also a volunteer-mom-on-steroids at my daughter’s school, The International School of Boston in Cambridge, where I run the enrichment programs, organize a host program for new families, and work on fundraising activities, among other things.

I’ve been published in the Christian Science Monitor, Reading Divas, and write bi-monthly for the Yale Alumni Magazine. Non-media adventures include running 16 marathons, being charged by an elephant in Central Africa, summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, and creating Abracadabra Days for my daughter.

But enough about me, let’s talk about YOU… 02138, tell me who you are! Psst! Post a comment!

Margaret's video bio.


Who is in that photo with you? It looks like Albert, but either he was still living when you took the photo, or it was a wax sculpture of Albert, or it was someone dressed like him. I suppose it could be none of the above, but lets hope for a good story.

Well Al died 2 years before I was born so...

Margaret Desjardins
NeighborMedia 02138

But was it wax or was it costume, that was the original question.

16 marathons??!!