Interview Subjects

Interview Subjects

  • Posted on: 9 April 2007
  • By: jmc

Stefan Cover: Curator of the world’s largest ant collection
Gary Alpert: interactions between ants and other insects, pest control
Corrie Saux Moreau: ant evolution
Megan Frederickson: studies ant/plant interactions
E.O. Wilson: world’s most famous myrmecologist!
James Traneillo: professor of sociobiology
Kari Ryder Wilkie: studies ant diversity and conservation, ant-themed digital
Mario Muscedere/ Noah Frank: study ant brains
James McLurkin: swarming robots modeled after ants


Subject: Megan Frederickson Interview

Megan is excited about the project & would be happy to come to the CCTV Studio for an interview. She needs to be interviewed before May 20th.


Kari Ryder can do any one of the two dates:

Tues May 15 5-9pm
Wed May 16 10-3pm

Corrie Moreau can do:

Tuesday, May 15th at 5pm

Looks like Tuesday is the best to bang out those interviews. How is it for everyone else?

I agree that Tuesday, 5/15, would be the best day to get all those interviews: Stefan, then Corrie, than Kari. However, I can be available on Wednesday, 5/16 too.

I'm available on Tuesday, May 15th.


I can be there all day on Tuesday.
just to get this straight.


Stefan @ 9:00
Corrie @ 5:00
Kari @ 6:00

is that safe to say

I suggest we bump Kari back to 7pm, just to be safe if Corrie runs over time...

I've talked to James McLurkin and we've scheduled his interview slot for Wednesday, 5/30, 11 AM.

He can't bring his original Ant Robots from 1995, but he can provide us with better-quality photos of them. Right now he's not comfortable with letting us into his lab to get footage, but he will bring a couple of his swarm robots that he's working with right now. He can turn them on and their lights can blink, but just two of them won't be able to perform the swarm-like tasks they're designed to do.

I know that some people can't make it, but I can be here and I'm volunteering to interview him if no one else can. Can anyone else make this?

I can be there for Stefan & Kari's interview on Tues. May 15th. I'll ask Megan if she is available on May 15th.

5/15 Schedule:

Stefan @ 9:00
Kari @ 6:00

Also, I'm available for the James McLurkin interview on May 30th at 11am.


Don't know yet if I can make it - still waiting to find out my teaching schedule for summer session - I hope I can though, sounds exciting.

I won't be able to make the Megan Fredrickson interview this Wednesday - sadly I have to be at a different shoot at 4:30, but good luck!

Subject: Megan Frederickson Interview

Megan's interview will be at CCTV on Wednesday, May 9th at 4pm.

Tuesday May 15th

Corrie = 5:00pm

Kari = 7:00pm


Kari is able to come next wednesday for an interview at 7:00pm, we can confirm who's coming next week in class.

I spoke with Mario about doing an interview - not sure when he would be available yet. Like previous interviewees he'd to know the questions beforehand, here are a few I was thinking of for him, anyone else have ideas?

How did you become interested in studying ants and ant brains in
What techniques do you use to study a brain as small as an ant brain?
What are you hoping to learn from your work?
Can you make any comparisons between an ant brain and a human or
mammalian brain (in terms of the structure, how it is used etc.)?
Do you think ants learn?

I'm available for Kari's interview on Wed (May 23rd) at 7pm.