Web Survey Questions Draft #2

Web Survey Questions Draft #2

The Membership, Outreach and Advocacy Committee is developing questions for an upcoming survey of CCTV members to gain their feedback about this website.

The MAO Committee would like to finalize the following list of questions below by April 19th. Please leave your feedback below. Thanks!


* How old are you?

* What neighborhood do you live in?

* How often do you use the Internet?

* What do you go to the CCTV website for?

* What do you like most about CCTV's website? What do you like least?

* Do you produce a show at CCTV?

* Where do you get your Cambridge news and information?

* What would you like to see added to the CCTV website?

* What other organizations in Cambridge are you involved with?

* How do you get your information about CCTV?
** Do you read the print newsletter? Weekly e-newsletters?


Other potential questions:

* Do you blog?
** at CCTV? Blogger.com? Wordpress.com? Other?

* Do you post videos to the web?
** YouTube? Blip.tv? Other?


I think the survey questions look good. How will the survey be distributed to members? Do you think it would be easier to fill out if there is multiple choice type format with room for comments?