CCTV's Code of Conduct

CCTV's Code of Conduct

On 8/5/2015, CCTV's Board of Directors approved this Code of Conduct

CCTV’s channels and websites are forums for free speech; CCTV does not control or dictate the content or behavior of those producing programming. However, within its facility and in all CCTV-related activities, CCTV is committed to providing a safe, secure and productive environment, in which the rights of others are respected. To that end, we have compiled the following Code of Conduct, which is an expression of our ideals, not a rulebook, to guide conduct to ensure the safety and success of everyone at CCTV. All individuals, including guests, members, volunteers, employees, and board members, are expected to adhere to this Code of Conduct. Interpretation of this Code is at the discretion of the staff and Board of Directors of CCTV.

1. We ensure the safety of others.

a. We DO:
i. maintain control of our own actions and behavior at all times.
ii. supervise the behavior of our guests and children who accompany us while participating in CCTV’s activities.
iii. cease any activity which is deemed by others to threaten the safety, well-being, or security of any individual.
iv. report unlawful behavior of any individual to staff, board members, or the local authorities if necessary.

b. We DO NOT:
i. engage in behavior that puts the safety of any individual at risk.
ii. abuse any individual verbally, emotionally, or physically.
iii. subject any individual to violence or perceived threat of violence.
iv. carry weapons or dangerous materials.
v. possess illicit substances or arrive on the premises while under the influence of substances.
vi. bring animals into the premises unless they are the subject of media productions or perform as service animals.
vii. violate city, state and federal laws when engaging in CCTV activities or on CCTV’s premises.

2. We treat each other with respect.

a. We DO:
i. protect every individual’s right to free speech when they are the subject of media productions.
ii. adhere to stated CCTV policies and procedures and comply with directives of supervisors, trainers, or staff members.

b. We DO NOT:
i. engage in rude, discourteous, or disrespectful behavior.
ii. harass, bully, or take unfair advantage of any individual.

3. We work together.

a. We DO:
i. make positive contributions to the success of others.
ii. make every effort to ensure that our commitments are honored.
iii. resolve our conflicts gracefully.

b. We DO NOT:
i. engage in behavior that is disruptive to others or to CCTV’s activities.
ii. interfere with the privileges of any individual.
iii. undermine the success of any individual.

4. We protect CCTV’s reputation.

We DO:
i. acknowledge that our privileges, and the success of CCTV, are due to the hard work of others and uphold that status

b. We DO NOT:
i. represent ourselves as agents or employees of CCTV unless it is true.
ii. present our personal speech in a manner that suggests it is endorsed by CCTV.
iii. engage in behavior that damages the reputation of CCTV or any individual involved here.

5. We protect CCTV’s resources.

a. We DO:
i. treat CCTV’s equipment, facilities, and other community resources with respect.
ii. report equipment malfunction, damage, and losses to staff.
iii. stay out of areas reserved for administrative uses, such as offices, utilities, technology, or storage areas.

b. We DO NOT:
i. abuse or neglect CCTV's equipment, facilities, or property.
ii. use equipment, facilities, or property for purposes for which they were not intended.
iii. leave equipment or personal items unattended.
iv. bring food or beverages into technology areas.
v. solicit the sale of goods or services while on the premises or through the use of CCTV’s resources.