From Pamphlet to Blog

From Pamphlet to Blog

Cambridge Community Television hosted a 3-month documentary production course that resulted in this short documentary on Citizen Journalism. The Project Documentary team includes: Jason Crow, Shaun Clarke, Darcie Deangelo, Amy Mertl, Buz Owen, Jason Ong, Matt Landry, Mayana Leocadio. Read what "" had to say about it:

Citizen journalism film released online
By: Oliver Luft

Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) - a US based electronic media public training forum - has released online an educational video about the history of citizen journalism.

The 15-minute documentary Citizen Journalism: From Pamphlet to Blog is a guide to US citizen journalism through the ages - from Thomas Paine in the 18th century to the more modern hows and whys of being an anti-establishment news hound.

The film features interviews with talking heads from the blogging world - including Ethan Zuckerman of Global Voices - discussing, among other things, how newspapers have gone through major cost-cutting exercises as their revenues are leeched by sites like Craigslist.


Excellent mini doc! Do you plan on expanding on this in a full feature?