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Celebrating Central Square Murals Old and New

Celebrating Central Square Murals Old and New

Central Square has long been home to a variety of lively murals that capture the spirit of the city. This video explores old and new murals.

Cambridge has long invested in public art throughout our city. Implemented via City Ordinance, Percent-for-Art requires that one percent of the construction costs on municipal capital investment be designated for use in developing site-responsive public artwork.

Nowhere is this investment more obvious than in Central Square, the heart of our city.

This video highlights some old favorites - including Graffitti Alley, which continually changes through the work of local artists - and several new murals on top of and along buildings on Mass Ave.

I hope you enjoy these sights and some sounds of Central Square.

See my previous CCTV News series on Cambridge Public Art . This was completed in 2011, so there is lots more art now! You can access the Public Art Map here.

I think it is time for me to update my series in the coming year.

See also my stories on the ongoing Art Conservation work done by the Cambridge Arts Council. In this harsh climate, our outdoor artworks need special care!