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CCTV Learning, Mar 31
This class will focus on the basic fundamental steps for beginners looking to start comedic screenwriting!
CCTV Learning, Mar 31
This workshop is tailored for writers with short or feature screenplays in progress ready to be workshopped.
CCTV Learning, Mar 31
Learn how SEO works for nonprofits and how it can help you increase your impact.
CCTV Learning, Mar 31
In this class you’ll learn the latest tips and tricks on how to build and connect with your social media audience.
CCTV Learning, Mar 31
We will create a modern, unique website featuring the basics of this powerful platform.
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 30
CCCA @ CCTV - March 16, 2022 - Hybrid Offerings in the Arts - A Panel Discussion with Performances by Flowy Jane, Johara, Yyoyo Escada, &...
Hasson J. Rashid, Mar 29
And Ramadan allows us to really put our priorities in place.
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 29
Guilty pleasures! Have you heard of them? I know you have some too. Hear some of ours, ranging from bubble tea to Brazilian telenovelas,...
CCTV Learning, Mar 29
Come write songs in community!
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 29
Just getting started on using Procreate? Check out this tutorial to make animating in Procreate a little bit easier....
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 28
On today's show, we try to explain why Max's favorite government agency is blowing billions of dollars on a new 8 MPG diesel-powered...
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 28
A CCTV promo by Heinz TV
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 28
As the 2022 Boston Marathon is about to begin, Desmond explains why the Biden administration sought to re-instate the Marathon Bomber's...
Hasson J. Rashid, Mar 28
People in Massachusetts who haven't received their COVID-19 vaccine should do so before April 5, the last day it's paid for federally.
Hasson J. Rashid, Mar 27
Local social-political leadership,etc., guilty of homeless person's death,still turning blinded eye to the well being of homeless citizens!
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 25
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 25
Happy, Sad, Scared and Proud. These are emotions that we have all experienced, maybe even all at once! But why do we experience these...
CCTV Learning, Mar 24
Produce a 3 to 5-minute short narrative documentary that focuses on a member of your local community.
Hasson J. Rashid, Mar 22
This Women’s History Month, the Right to Counsel Coalition has been highlighting how evictions disproportionately impact women.
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 21
BOO! Did that scare you? It may have activated the fight or flight response in your body! On today’s episode we are learning about the...
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 21
We all belong in communities, whether it's the one we're born into, or new ones that we find and form as we grow older. Find out which...
Alfonso Mateo, Mar 21
What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Month!
Hasson J. Rashid, Mar 18
A Glimpse Into Black History in America: Curated by Yocum African American History Association
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 16
Stories of Resilience is a series focused on profiling local businesses in the city and sharing their success and challenges in dealing...