Black History Month!...Who's who?

Black History Month!...Who's who?

It's February...and that means Black History Month!..of course that should be not for just February, but to be acknowledge, on any given occasion that represents the great work that has been established be our anscestors or great outstanding individuals who have contributed to our society, communities, or lives, in any capcity. There are many indigenous individuals past, present and in the near future, who need to be acknowledged, and because most of us take for granted what they may have done, or for whatever reason we overlook them, they remain forgotton, or are never given the credit they deserve. Yes!...Many of us, too, sometimes remain forgotton soldiers of this trodd, and you may wonder why you haven't been acknowledged yourself, why is there a special month for some groups, but not for others. Well all I can say is: What you have endured, through trials and tribulations, or what works you have performed, through kindness of your own heart, or whether you had to work as a slave to get what you truely deserved, is not for you too wonder when you will be acknowledged, but for you to continue till such time, as deemed through a higher power than yours or mine, as to when that reward, acknowledgement, or respect comes. Some, will suffer tremendously, some will suffer less, but each trial brings us closer to the Greater plan. For now. in this day and time, this century, the African Americans and ancestors of that group of individuals has been presented their time, their acknowledgements, and hopefully their many much deserved rewards, that are due to them.
Let us change the way we treat others, or how we precieve others. Let us take the time to reflect how we would want to be treated, or seen by others.
Remember the saying: "Do unto others what you want done unto you."
If you remember this everytime you encounter a situation, you will find yourself, rising to the occassion, and rising also above the judgmental factor that most of us fall into, one time or another. Now, I am not professing that you will never be faced with judgement, or that you will never be judged your self, because, most likely you will. But, I am postive, your way of thinking or viewing of many of the situations you encounter will be elevated to a higher understanding.
So, moving into the offical Month of Black History Month, I will do my best to acknowledge many individuals whom I come in contact with, who I see that need acknowling for their contributions to our community, now and beyond.
One individual I find very facinating and deserves to be acknowledge, is a determined young man, who has demonstrated great achievements, and has scored the many trials and tribulations that a young man can endure, and still rise above these extreme adversities, to bring out his most wonderful gift, which is the gift of voice, to spread the message of a higher power, a higher love. The corner stone of each of our lives, the rock where we can lay our burdens upon. Yes!.. this power is The creator of all of us, God almighty. This young man's name is "Stanley Porter", and you can listen to his life story, and how he came to be who he is now, and who he will be. How he used music to bring him out of his tribulations. How he gave praises to the Solid Rock that lifted him out of this pit of destruction. You can hear his live interview with me the "One and Only angel of the airwaves". Check it out on the side bar-for Blip tiv. Or tune in this Friday, on Channel 9, on my WCCR/CCTV radio show, starting at 10am-12Pm, "Angels musical point of View-reviews", and again sometime between, 12noon-2pm, and my second show: "RAW Reggae-I-vibes-aboard the Zion reggae Train". We will be streaming live! and will repeat on channel 10, Saturday morning starting at 2AM-6PM.
If you have someone you'd like me to feature, for black history month, contact me, via this blog or email me :
Thanks for stopping in and remember to do good works always!
I will be watching, never fear, angel is always near.
Angel Naphtalie



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