Beyond Broadcast 2007: Videos 4 U

Beyond Broadcast 2007: Videos 4 U

  • Posted on: 23 February 2007
  • By: jmc

Last year, CCTV helped videotape the 2006 Beyond Broadcast Conference. There we learned about new ways to build community on-line. Some the ideas were pretty standard, others, like creating a Second Life avatar and webspace, were way out there. When the dust settled, there was a lot to learn and lot to bring back to our practice at CCTV.

This year's conference is focusing on Participatory Democracy. I suppose, with the 2008 elections right around the corner, there is a lot of buzz around what the on-line world is going to do affect the outcome. Some of this year's highlights include a keynote by Henry Jenkins of MIT's Comparative Media Studies program and workgroup lead by your very own Community Technology Coordinator (me!). The workgroup I am leading with Dan Gillmor of the Center for Citizen Media is about the future of Public Access TV. Based on my discussions with Mr. Gillmor, the workgroup will prove to be a lively debate.

Check out the videos so far...
Watch the 2007 Videos Already On-line
From the BB2007 website: "[w]e’ll be continually updating this page with videos related to Beyond Broadcast 2007. If you’ve produced something we should include here, just drop us an email at You may also want to check out the complete audio and video coverage from Beyond Broadcast 2006."

Check out the Conference Website:


Hi Jason,

Nice Blog! Thanks for the great class yesterday - everyone is very excited to be able to see the video online! The course overall is great and I'd certainly like to learn more in this area. Is the BLOWW Battle video anywhere on the CCTV website any long, or did you take it off of your vlog?



Lorraine Pouliot


Thanks for the comments on the class. Unfortunately, I don't have your video posted directly on the CCTV website, but if you want me to, I will go ahead and post. I showed another staff member and my wife, and we both agree that BLOWW rocks.

Here is the link to it on

Also, you have a blog on our site:

To post your video to your blog, just log in and click create content. Select "blog entry." Go to your the blip posting and click "share" button. Copy and paste the chunk of HTML and paste it into your blog entry. Make sure you select "Input Format" > "Full HTML" and click submit. Let me know if this works. Otherwise, I can do it for you!