CCTV Featured in Benton/UMass Community Media & Technology Scan

CCTV Featured in Benton/UMass Community Media & Technology Scan

  • Posted on: 20 July 2007
  • By: jmc

The Benton Foundation in collaboration with UMass Boston's Community Media and Technology (CMT) program wrote a scan (scan in this sense, I am guessing, means "examine closely") of the state of Community Media in the United States. The compendium traces the history of community media, including radio, television and the internet, starting at its innovative beginnings in the 1940's at Pacifica Radio in San Francisco.

From there we follow the authors, Fred Johnson of the CMT program and Karen Menichelli of the Benton Foundation, as they walk us through the dawn of cable television and public, educational and government television right on into the current hype surrounding on-line participatory community media.

The report is a timely summary of the state of community media considering the current raging legislative and regulatory battles surrounding community television and radio going at the state and federal level - not too mention the huge paradigm shifts in media production and consumption.

CCTV is highlighted in the "Community Spotlight" chapter where the authors speak kindly of the station. "CCTV takes digital media convergence seriously, understanding that media production training, production, and distribution are now applicable across a number of platforms and production skill sets."

Read the rest of the scan here.


Hi Jason,
Per your HOW TO post, I tried to set up my cross-post API to my CCTV vlog, but it gives me back an error at Blip.TV. Here is what the error says:

"Sorry, we had a problem retrieving a list of your blogs. If you continue to receive this error please let us know and we'll fix it.

Your blogging system didn't give us a list of blogs you have permission to post to. This is probably because the API Endpoint URL you gave us is wrong. It's possible, though, that it's because you gave us the wrong username and password.