Arts Central 2007

Arts Central 2007

  • Posted on: 9 October 2007
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

ArtsCentral 2007 is set for the weekend of October 12th and 13th. ArtsCentral invites visitors to Central Square to celebrate and enjoy its unique blend of art and commerce. Central Square's favorite artists - artists of all kinds and from every corner of the Square - will take to the streets, drawing visitors to our neighborhood and enticing them into its businesses, shops, restaurants and organizations.

CCTV will host a day of video screenings to feature the work of CCTV members and other local filmmakers, and ongoing demonstrations by Ellen Grabiner, whose digital prints are on display in the Drive-by-Gallery.

For the complete schedule

From 12:00pm - 2:00pm visitors are invited to CCTV to explore our Media Map of Cambridge, featuring short documentaries about Cambridge locations and organizations. From 2:00pm - 6:00pm we will screen the video work of CCTV producers and Cambridge residents. These videos will also be shown live on CCTV Channel 10! The schedule for the screening is as follows:

Narrative / Experimental Block

"Midlife Cowboy" by: D.L. Polonsky

"The Revolution of Rodney King" by: Zach Martin & Quentin James

"The Fixers" by: Collective Subconscious Productions

"Lift" by: Vanessa Vartabedian

"Brah, Where's My Date?" by The Crunken Angels

"Delusion" by: Laura Asherman

"The Beautiful" by: Peter Pizzi

"Bill, You're Fired!" by: Hooray for Funn

"I am Hearing the Last Bird" by: Ryan Tebo

Video Music of Antony Flackett

"The Cambridge Companion" by: Ethan Goldhammer

Documentary Block

"Bellydancing in Boston' by: Desiree Goodwin

"Ants" by: CCTV Project Documentary Team

"Run Jessica Run" by: Yan Zhang

"Nobody Knows Us" by: Max Lewontin

"Muriel" by: Kim Romano

Narrative / Experimental Block

"Midlife Cowboy" by: D.L. Polonsky (23 minutes)

A cowboy is fed up with our ubiquitous computer culture and smashes a computer with an axe. Written, directed, produced and edited by D.L. Polonsky. Starring Depraved Dave Dodge, Patrick Brennan, Alexa Gural and Lloyd Smith.

"The Revolution of Rodney King" by: Zach Martin & Quentin James (6 minutes)

Zach Martin played the interviewer in "The Revolution of Rodney King" and also served as the film's editor. He is originally from South Florida and now lives in Cambridge, where he performs stand-up and sketch comedy as part of "The Quiet Generation." You can contact him at

Quentin James is a writer and comedian working with "The Quiet Generation" out of Cambridge, MA.  About "The Revolution of Rodney King" Mr. James states, "As satire, it strives to focus on the absurdity of our oblivious culture.  As a short film, it's just supposed to be funny." Originally from St. Louis, MO, Quentin has gone through the graduate writing programs at the Florida State University and the Missouri State University.  He can be contacted at

"The Fixers" by: Collective Subconscious Productions (8 minutes)

"The Fixers" is about an out-of-town couple visiting Boston takes a look at a real 'fixer-upper' of a house. Can Tom Quimby make the sale or will he put his foot in his mouth? Will the couple seal the deal or will they lose out to the real estate tycoon from NYC?

Ned Scannell is founder of Collective Subconscious Productions. He is a director, producer, and writer. The Collective is a group of talented and energetic folks who pull together as a team whenever they get the chance or the need arises.

"Lift" by: Vanessa Vartabedian (9 minutes)

"Lift" was part of the 48 Hour Film Project Boston 2007, a yearly competition in which over 70 teams compete to finish a 7 minute film within a 48 hour period.  At the kick-off, each team chooses a genre from a hat, and all teams are given elements they must include in the film: a character, a prop and a line of dialogue.  Preproduction work, such as securing a crew, talent and locations may be done ahead of time, but during the 48 hours each team must write, shoot, edit and score their film.

The crew and cast of "Lift" consist of Boston based talent who are working artists, educators and actors.  This is Vanessa Vartabedian's third entry in the 48 Hour Film Project, each of which has placed in the Best of Boston awards category. She is an independent filmmaker and documentarian, as well as a high school media instructor in Cambridge.


Brah, Where's My Date? by The Crunken Angels (10 minutes)

Brah, Where's My Date, is the first in a series of short films loosely based on the lives of the youth production team, The Crunken Angels.  Brah, as is it is commonly referred to as is a fantasy film about a young man who enlists the help of a fairy godfather in his quest to find a date for prom.

"Delusion" by: Laura Asherman (8 minutes)

"Delusion" is about a young couple that struggles to rekindle their love. This film was shot, directed and edited by Laura Asherman at the Maine Media Workshops during the summer of 2007.

Laura Asherman is a filmmaker from Cambridge Massachusetts. Four years ago Laura first began making movies through the Summer Media Institute at CCTV. Since then she has come back to the SMI program as both a student and a youth trainer/documentarian. Laura has also participated in video making programs at Cambridge Rindge and Latin Highschool and the Maine Media Workshops.

"The Beautiful" by: Peter Pizzi (3 minutes)

'The Beautiful" tells the story of one young women's disillusionment with her family and on a greater level the disappoint she feels with her country. It is both sassy and bratty in its poignant portrayal. The film's characters consist of a 3-member family: Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty and their daughter – Beauty. The story is told through the eyes of Beauty. Factiously Beauty rips into her parents, comically they either respond or not. The film was inspired by a poem of the same name by Michelle Tea.

Peter Pizzi is an Independent Filmmaker. He is from East Boston, Mass. In 1999 he formed his production company, Magic Club Productions.  Peter works mainly with Digital Video. He also tells stories with the use of 35mm slides and photos. His work deals with issues of identity, sexuality and gender. His work has been described as both comical and poignant. Peter also leads workshops in Video Producing. He can be found teaching at Cambridge Community Television (CCTV), in Cambridge, Mass. In 2006 he was honored as Instructor of the Year by CCTV. His work has been featured in Art Galleries and Film Festivals across the country and internationally. More information about him and his work can be found by visiting

"Bill, You're Fired!" by: Hooray for Funn (26 minutes)

Hooray For Funn! is an acclaimed sketch comedy disaster straight out of Boston since 2004. Its charter members hail from such foreign places as the United Kingdom and Canada, both internationally recognized sovereign states. In 2005, Hooray For Funn! was celebrated as "delightful" by the San Juan Freedom Gazetteer, and "splendid" by the South Londoner Express Times Tribune, both made up newspapers. Currently, the group's four principal members are engaged in peacekeeping missions to such localities as the South End, Dorchester, South Philadelphia, and the periphery of Davis Square. For more sweeping generalizations and outright lies, visit on the Internet, a cybernetic entity maintained the world over by shoppers and pornographers.

"I am Hearing the Last Bird" by: Ryan Tebo (5 minutes)

The film "I am Hearing the Last Bird" is a meditation on blindness and the end of life.  My grandmother died recently at the age of ninety-five years old.  She had begun to go blind when she was eight-five.  Because of this she had to radically reshape her life.  This film is about this struggle.  Before my grandmother went blind, sculpting was an important part of her life.  After she went blind she had to learn to rely on her sense of touch to redefine her understanding of and place in the world surrounding her.  My relationship with her also changed and this film is essentially about both of our changed understandings.

Ryan Tebo was born in Buffalo, NY in 1974.  He is an artist working with film, video, new media, photography and sound.  He received an MFA in Filmmaking from Syracuse University and now lives in Cambridge, MA and is working as a documentary editor and adjunct instructor of film and video production at Emerson College.  As an undergraduate he majored in Philosophy and Medieval Literature and these have deeply influenced his thoughts about and approaches to his art-making.  Also, being an improvising musician shapes his sensibility and vision. Ryan's films exist between documentary, abstract and narrative. His approach to filmmaking is personal and often explores the intersection of and conflict between the private and public.

Video Music of Antony Flackett (12 minutes)

"Video Music Anthem", "Face Lift", "Toy Noise Remix", "The Inflecting Pool" "Beat Box", "Goldsworthy Rocks"& "Face Off"

Antony Flackett is a video/audio/multimedia artist living in Boston Mass. Antony teaches at Massachusetts College of Art and runs the weekly Beat Research night at the Enormous Room in Central Square Cambridge with friend and collaborator DJ C. For lots more info and media visit

"The Cambridge Companion" by Ethan Goldhammer (21 minutes)

The Cambridge Companion chronicles the story of political mastermind Lloyd Smith (Lloyd Smith), on a quest for a highly contested spot on the Cambridge City Council. With a campaign impeccably managed by his son, ArtMan (Arthur "ArtMan" Martins), Lloyd sets out to win the hearts of Cantabridgians from Port to NC. Never one to miss a beat, Lloyd tackles the challenges of today with the ideas of tomorrow.

Ethan Goldhammer began his filmmaking career at CCTV nearly 10 years ago while attending Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. During this time, Ethan and Shaun Clarke (Director of Photography/Producer) teamed up with Lloyd and ArtMan on a variety of projects throughout the late 1990's and 2000's. After 3 years at New York University, Shaun and Ethan teamed up once again to Bring Lloyd's magic to the big screen. With a soundtrack featuring the hottest sounds out of North Cambridge, this "Docu-Dramedy" is local effort through and through.  Made possible by the donations of our generous supporters, the Cambridge Companion is nearing completion.

Documentary Block

"Bellydancing in Boston" by: Desiree Goodwin (23 minutes)

Bellydancing has a fascinating history, originating in the cultures of Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Lebanon. In bellydance women learn to isolate different parts of their bodies and move them rhythmically to percussive drum beats, or slowly and smoothly to melodies. Thousands of years ago bellydancers were featured at such symbolic occasions as births and weddings where the dance, depending on the context and the dancer could symbolize such diverse things as nubile youth, fertile motherhood, mature sensuality, ancient wisdom. There is still some controversy over whether this art is meant simply to entertain and provoke men. In previous centuries this may have been more true.  Today it is more true that the women who dance it see it as a celebration of womanhood, and we are often our most appreciate audience. This film features an interview with the filmmaker's teacher who introduced her to bellydance, Johara, and some of the many dancers the filmmaker met in my five years of dancing, and explore each their individual interpretations and explorations of the dance. Most of the footage is filmed at the Middle East Restaurant in Cambridge, which has for many years been a mecca for bellydance aficionados.

Desiree Goodwin is a librarian with Master's Degrees in English and Library Science.  She has many artistic interests including knitting, jewelry making, tango, and bellydance. As a woman, and an African American she is interested in exploring and encouraging themes of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance and respect for differences in self-expression.  Desiree is currently taking computer science courses at the Harvard Extension school and discovered in video production and editing another medium for artistic expression.

"Ants" by: CCTV Project Documentary Team (18 minutes)

Get a bug's eye view into the complex and intriguing social lives of ants, and meet six scientists who have dedicated their lives to studying them. CCTV and Project Documentary proudly present "Ants"!

"Run Jessica Run" by: Yan Zhang (28 minutes)

Jessica Yang, an Asian American girl from Harvard College, is a typical nerdy student who has never done any sports-related thing before. However, after spending a summer working as a volunteer in a small Chinese orphanage, she made a commitment to run the 2007 Boston Marathon in order to raise $10,000 to help building a new home for the kids there. Will she be able to finish the 26.3-mile run? How will she face all the physical and emotional challenges? Will the determination of making a difference for the kids support her to the end?

Producer/Director/Editor Yan Zhang was born in China. Currently she is an international graduate student majoring in Television Production at Boston University College of Communication. Before coming to Boston, she worked in China Central Television in Beijing for 4 years as a news reporter and producer specializing in cultural and social issues. This is her first independent project.

"Nobody Knows Us" by: Max Lewontin (10 minutes)

Nobody Knows Us' deals with how the media portrays the homeless population in America and how that affects how many Americans see the homeless. The film attempts to shed light on some of the stereotypes of the homeless in the media, using clips from popular films from the 1930's to the present, television news and and archival newsreels from the depression. Using interviews with homeless advocates, formerly homeless people and others, it attempts to establish both why these stereotypes flourish, and means that can be undertaken to change them.

Max Lewontin has been  producing films since 2002, many of which have aired on Cambridge Community Television. Currently he works as an intern for the station and also serves on the Members Advisory Committee there.  Max is a student at Cambridge Rindge and Latin.

"Muriel" by: Kim Romano (22 minutes)

This poignant award-winning film features a showboating, charismatic lead character whose fall-down life is the stuff of great standup comedy. Muriel is a Jewish New Yorker who lives in Key West with her husband, the son he had by mistress ("Just call him the little bastard"), her gay best friend and her grown bipolar son ("Bipolar? I think he's TRI-polar"). Muriel says things out loud that most people don't even admit they think to themselves. Through quirky and sometimes hilarious anecdotes, Muriel reveals her unusual spin on a cheating husband, orgasm, a troubled teenager, mental illness, food, and a bedroom ceiling fan.

Kim Romano made two short films as an undergraduate at Harvard and was inspired to return to filmmaking when her son Cody became an intern at CCTV 3 years ago. After graduating from the Center for Digital Imaging Arts in 2005, she worked with Gerry Peary at WGBH's Filmmaker-in-Residence Program, helped produce and edit several corporate video newsletters, and is now working on an independent film.