CCTV Cambridge News

CCTV Cambridge News

CCTV's Community Journalism Initiative gets New Name, New Look, New Home

  • Posted on: 1 July 2018
  • By: frank

For the past 11 years, has been your home to hyperlocal Cambridge news reported by Cambridge residents who have received their journalistic training through CCTV’s citizen journalism initiative. Indeed, the NeighborMedia program provides multimedia journalism education and support to aspiring community journalists — engaged Cambridge residents who know the value of reporting on and sharing the stories of the people, places, issues and events of their very own neighborhoods. We also run an internship program for college credit-earning students looking to gain experience and grow their portfolio in an industry that has seen a lot of changes over the years.

Acknowledging the gap in Cambridge news coverage — so often, news in Cambridge goes unreported or underreported by commercial media outlets — CCTV created NeighborMedia in 2007 as a means to educate, inform and move the masses into action on issues important to our diverse and changing community. By providing an outlet like NeighborMedia, not only has CCTV been able to offer the skills and equipment necessary for hyperlocal news coverage, we have also been able to amplify the voices and concerns of those in the community who feel they have a story to tell.

The platform, like the people who participate in it, is full of diverse stories covering everything from hard-hitting news to human interest pieces, fluffy features to data-driven analysis. We average roughly 280 stories per year, which are told in a variety of ways. Whether we tell our stories in article form, video, audio, photographic slideshows or through a compilation of tweets, we have remained true to the journalistic values that any professional team of reporters would adhere to. And while the faces of NeighborMedia have changed over the years, one thing has remained the same: CCTV’s commitment to providing Cambridge news and views you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s why, going forward, we are about to see this important change. NeighborMedia will now go by a new name, and you can get your news in a new place. Starting July 1, NeighborMedia becomes CCTV Cambridge News. Now stories from your most trusted Cambridge reporters, as well as content by CCTV staff, can be found on the CCTV home page. Just go to and click on “Cambridge News” in the menu bar. Or, visit to go directly to our news page.

By consolidating our news resources into one place (instead of being housed on two separate sites), we hope to bring more eyes on the news that our teams here at CCTV — both citizen and staff — strive so very hard to cover for our community. About three years ago, CCTV conducted a survey to find out if Cambridge residents wanted more local news. The answer was a resounding yes. This is just another way CCTV is living up to its promise as we hear and see the media needs of our community.

You will also note that NeighborMedia’s social media platforms are getting a name change, as well, so be sure to look for (and follow) CCTV Cambridge News on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re already following NeighborMedia on those platforms, don’t worry, you will continue to do so. You just might notice a new name and a new logo come across your feed as you’re scrolling through your favorite social media outlet.

As CCTV celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, we thank you for supporting our community journalism efforts, and we hope you will continue to do so in our new home, where we've got Cambridge covered.