This Week on TV: The Immigrant Experience

This Week on TV: The Immigrant Experience

New Programming on CCTV This Week!

  • Posted on: 22 October 2018
  • By: Ella

Programs on CCTV This Week!

New Member Produced Programming

Basket Starfish - Our Language CORE
Sarah Chiu
Power Point and photo lectures to explain a new language theory and tell stories from the prospective of a female traveler from the East.

Thu 10/5 @ 7PM, Sun 10/28 @ 7PM
Wed 10/24 @ 11AM, Fri 10/27 @ 11AM

Conversations That Change
Maya Valentine
A conversation with Activist Scholar Andrew King on Youth Activism.
Thu 10/5 8:02PM, @ Sun 10/28 @ 8:02PM
Wed 10/24 @ 12:02PM, Fri 10/27 @12:02PM

Build the Character Build the Fighter
Kristina Kehrer
When you take the Somerville exit off I-93 south, at the end of the off-ramp directly in front of you is a white building with lots of martial arts banners. In this building is the Brazilian Martial Arts Center, which provides classes for all ages.
Thu 10/5 @ 8:30PM, Sun 10/28 @ 8:30PM
Wed 10/24 @ 12:30PM, Fri 10/27 @ 12:30PM

Silent Film Light & Design
Emily Parent
A short silent film made by a lighting design class.
Thu 10/5 @ 8:40PM, Sun 10/28 @ 8:40PM
Wed 10/24 @ 12:40PM, Fri 10/27 @ 12:40PM

Good News Minute 2
Kael Randall
News show describing the fossil fuel divestment movement, including Ireland's decision to divest.
Thu 10/5 @ 8:45PM, Sun 10/28 @ 8:45PM
Wed 10/24 @ 12:45PM, Fri 10/27 @ 12:40PM

Jazz is a Feeling
Maya Valentine
An exploration on one Jazz artist's craft and how the music form took on such an important role in his life.
Thu 10/5 @ 8:50PM, Sun 10/28 @ 8:50PM
Wed 10/24 @12:50PM, Fri 10/27 @ 12:50PM

New Staff Produced Programing

The Immigrant Experience
Standing beside Teresita Fernández’s Harvard public art project, Autumn (…Nothing Personal), we will learn about how this work was inspired by James Baldwin’s 1964 essay, Nothing Personal, published at the height of the civil rights movement. Local poets, storytellers, and students will personalize and bring to life the themes of disconnection, injustice and divisiveness in America, as well as the hope that love, light and trust can bring.
The Cambridge Community Foundation hosted this event, which took place at Harvard Yard, September 24, 2018, and was filmed by Malcolm Sullivan.
Presenters included:
Amanda Figueroa, Harvard graduate student
Paola Ozuna, youth worker
Three local high school students
Jean Dany Joachim, poet
Anthony Febo, poet, actor, youth worker
Enzo Silon Surin, poet
Regie Gibson, poet and literary performer
Tue 10/23 @5PM, Sat 10/27 @ 5 PM

Beyond Our Backyards
Regional Thinking to Address the Housing Crisis. Septermber 23, 2018, A Better Cambridge hosted this discussion on the housing crisis in the area. The panel took place at the Roxbury Community College - Media Arts Center and featured Mayor of Somerville, Joseph Curtatone, Mayor of Salem, Kim Driscoll, Mayor of Cambridge, Marc McGovern, Janelle Chan, Undersecretary, Department of Housing & Community Development, Sheila Dillon, Chief of Housing and Director of Neighborhood Development for Boston, and moderator, Dana LeWinter, Municipal Engagement Director at the Citizens Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA)
Wed 10/24 @ 5PM, Fri 10/26 @ 5PM

Mmmmaven Album Release Talk
A Subalias EP titled "Take Me Out" comes out on Digital Den Records. The EP features two originals by Subalias (Mitchell Owens) as well as a remix by Digital Den's own Tony Clarke (Kareem Clarke). The album is mastered by Dephrase (Daniel Babai).
In this 2 hour Ableton Live User Group event, Mitchell, Kareem, and Daniel will deconstruct the work associated with producing, remixing, mastering, and releasing of this record.
Thu 10/25 @ 5PM

New Outside Produced Programming

17th Annual Massachusetts 9/11 Commemoration- Sept 11, 2018
MA House of Representatives
The 17th Annual Massachusetts Commemorative Ceremony on the Anniversary of September 11th, 2001 was held in the MA House Chambers on September 11th, 2018. The keynote speaker was Andrew Card.
Thu 10/26 @ 11AM, Sun 10/28 @ 10PM

35th Annual George L. Hanna Memorial Awards - Sep 7th, 2018
MA House of Representatives
Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito joined with other officials in the House chambers to honor police officers from throughout the Commonwealth during the 35th Annual Trooper George L. Hanna Memorial Awards for Bravery.
Fri 10/26 @ 10PM

Weekend Marathon on Channel 9
A weekend dedicated to programs all about Family!
Fri 10/26 6-9PM
Sat 10/27 12PM - Midnight
Sun 10/28 12-4PM

30th Anniversary Marathon: 30 Years in 30 Weeks!
Catch CCTV Programming Highlights Circa 2009

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