This Week on TV: Brand New Programs on CCTV!

This Week on TV: Brand New Programs on CCTV!

Starting this week, catch the new Podcast Series, Generation Savage!

  • Posted on: 6 August 2018
  • By: Ella

New Member Produced Programs

WATCH: On Channel 8

Protest - The EMF Kids Wont Back Down by Kristina Kehrer
Protest day in Harvard Square- EMF Artist Protest Eviction
Tue/Thu/Sun 7PM & Wed/Fri 11AM

You're Probably Racist, Episode 2: "The Matrix" byPeter Septoff
Local Comedians Sam Ike and Kenice Mobley hilariously review the racial stereotypes in the hit movie, "The Matrix"
Tue/Thu/Sun 7:10PM & Wed/Fri 11:10AM

Leavitt & Peirce, If These Walls Could Talk byKristina Kehrer
Johnny Berosh and L&P owner Paul McDonald sit and chat about history, the business and odds and ends.
Tue/Thu/Sun 7:15PM & Wed/Fri 11:15AM

New CCTV Staff Produced Programs

WATCH: On Channel 8

Ribbon of Blue, Ribbon of Green Gala
On June 2nd, 2018, the Charles River Conservancy hosted the Ribbon of Blue, Ribbon of Green gala honoring the retirement of Conservancy founder and president, Renata von Tscharner. The event took place at Annenberg Hall at Harvard University. The event was edited by Maya Valentine.
Tue- Sat 5PM

PSA Day - Adult Family Care
Each year, during PSA DAY, CCTV records 30 second public service announcements for Cambridge nonprofits. This entry is for the Adult Family Care Program and features Nathan Lamb.
Tues- Sat 6:20PM

New Independently Produced Programs

WATCH: On Channel 8
Mon 5PM, Tue/Thu 11AM, Fri/Sun 10PM

Hottest Homes on the Central Coast by Alfonzo Thomas
Naomi shows off the hottest homes on the Central Coast.
Monday 5:30PM, Tue/Thu 11:30AM, Fri/Sun 10PM

20th Annual Run/Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer by Allison Levy
This 5k in South Boston honors those affected by ovarian cancer and raises funds for National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's local and national programs.
Monday 6PM, Tue/Thu 12PM, Fri/Sun 11PM

Real Estate Tech Guys- Jackie Henke by Sam Seidel
A look at the intersection of the commercial real estate industry and technology in 2018 and beyond. Jackie Henke episode.
Monday 6:05PM, Tue/Thu 12:05PM, Fri/Sun 11:05PM

Every Parent Makes a Difference PSA by Va Lynda Robinson
Two PSA's from DCF Cambridge. Anyone can be a foster parent, and every parent makes a difference in the lives of a child.
Monday 6:10PM, Tue/Thu 12:10PM, Fri/Sun 11:10PM

New Series Alert!

WATCH: On Channel 8
Generation Savage is a podcast hosted by Johnnie Williams, where each episodes is dedicated to a new topic! Music, Artists, Concert Shows, and Popular Culture.
Mondays 10:30AM, Thursdays 2:30PM, Saturday 3PM

Check out CCTV's Weekend Marathon!

WATCH: On Channel 9
CCTV Channel 9
Friday 6PM-9PM
Saturday 12PM- Midnight
Sunday 12PM-4PM

Also catch another week of CCTV's program highlights from the last 3 decades! 30 Years of TV in the next 30 weeks!

Channel 8 Fridays 8 AM - 11 AM & Sunday 12 PM - 3 PM
Channel 9 Monday 12 AM - 3 AM & Saturday 12 PM - 3 PM
Channel 96 Tuesdays 8 AM - 11 AM & Thursday 8 AM - 11 AM
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