Sixth Annual Superhero 5K Race

Sixth Annual Superhero 5K Race

Heroes and Villains on Central Square

  • Posted on: 30 October 2014
  • By: mholbrow

Lead photo, above: Start-up.    Two photos at right: First to finish was Jeff Schacherl of Cambridge, #1155, shown alone at the finish line. His time was 17:18. The next three, shown together on the right, l. to r.: Steve Masterson, #521, of Brookline, time 17:24. Nathan Scott, #1255, Boston, 17:47. Joel Zayac, #462, Cambridge, 17:55. Top woman finisher (sorry, no photo) was Ainsley Land #857 of Somerville, time 19:13.

Things are looking up in the contest between good and evil. Yes, there are still evil folks out there, but the good guys outnumber them. This scientific analysis is based on a survey conducted during the Sixth Annual Superhero 5K Run/Walk through downtown Cambridge on Sunday, October 26. A three-minute observation showed 41 characters clearly identifiable as heroes and only 9 who were obviously villains.

The race is a festive event for all concerned. Spectators who line the streets to cheer their favorites are often costumed as well, and sometimes they run alongside for a bit. Runners join guests and spectators afterwards back in the park at Sidney and Pacific Street for high-fives, bragging, refreshments, and photo opps. At right: The Spider-Man Villains, organized by Dr. Octopus (Preston Keller), Cambridge.

Proceeds of the run benefit On The Rise, Inc., a Cambridge-based nonprofit day program that provides safety, community and advocacy to homeless women. For more about the organization and the race, see Chris Herold’s interview with On The Rise Director Martha Sandler, conducted at the event. (Link will be posted soon. )

In previous years the Superhero 5K was organized by Emma Bagnell, the Founder/Director of Have2Run Productions, Inc. Have2Run was recently acquired by RaceWire, Inc. of Milton, Massachusetts and Orange, California. RaceWire provides on-line registration and electronic timing services for races nationwide.

The RaceWire organizer at this year’s race was Connor Farrell (left). He bears a striking resemblance to Super Mario Baby Luigi, or at least he did on Sunday morning. He was busy, but happy to pass on the good news about the events.

"Registration was the biggest yet – about 1500!" he said.

Race times and rankings are posted on RaceWire’s results page. Jessie Davis, a spokeswoman for the company, said results for the costume competition will be up soon on the organization’s Facebook page. “We have to go through all the photos, and it takes awhile,” she said.

Slides #1, #2, #3, and #5 by Charles H. Holbrow