SuperHero 5K Race October 23

SuperHero 5K Race October 23

Event draws runners and spectators in costume

  • Posted on: 23 October 2016
  • By: mholbrow

1) Lead runners
2) Starting line
3) SuperHero dog

Part of the fun of the SuperHero 5K Race on Sunday, October 23 was seeing the costumed characters stream by. There were Hallowe’en get-ups galore: Supermen, Wonder Women, and a cast of characters from history, literature, and pop culture. Spectators dress up, too, so it’s a sea of fantasy figures over the 5-kilometer (3.1 mile) course that starts by the Pacific Street Park near MIT, circles up to Central Square via Massachusetts Ave., then doubles back to end near the corner of Franklin and Sidney.

It’s a serious athletic event as well as a spectacle. The five leading runners in this year's October 23 race are shown in Photo 1, just after they crossed the finish line. The fastest two, Scott McArthur (center, bib #110) and Erik Antokal (second from left, #1512), had identical times of 17 minutes 41 seconds according to RaceWire. Both were dressed to represent Harry Potter characters. McArthur (also the winner of last year’s race) appears in a gold shirt with a shiny disk representing the Golden Snitch from a Quidditch game. Antokal wore a shirt with a giant H representing the legendary school of Hogwarts. Four seconds later came Jeff Landherr, #1448 (time 17:55); he was dressed (or maybe undressed?) as Captain Underpants, also a character in a kid’s story.

Along with McArthur, Antokal, and Landherr are Joel Zayac, #617, on the right, who came in 4th (as he did in last year’s SuperHero run), and Nick Jallat (#1673), left, who was 5th. Zayac’s time was 18:12; Jallat’s was 18:16.

Men, women, and kids all run together, even whole families with strollers. The variety is apparent in scenes like Photo 2, just before the start of the race. Some people even bring pets in costume (Photo 3).

The SuperHero Race benefits On The Rise, Inc., a Cambridge day program that serves area women who are homeless or in need of assistance.

“The race has been a super event for On The Rise,” says OTR Executive Director Martha Sandler. “The financial support it brings us helps the homeless and formerly-homeless women in this community, and it’s a great example of what people can achieve through imagination and willingness to tackle challenges."