North Point Park: The Video

North Point Park: The Video

Credit to Mark for all his help and interest,

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An acquaintance who lives in The Regatta (formerly Museum Towers) across from the Museum of Science, told me that North Point Park was originally scheduled to open in 2002. Last year a sign reading
"Opening Summer 2004" was removed. Now the only signs there say "No Trespassing". If you search the Big Dig website you will learn that it is going to open in 2006. Wait a second, let em check my calendar. October 2007. We seem to have a problem.

If, like me , you have been wondering if the park on the Charles River in Cambridge between the Museum of Science and the railroad bridge will ever open, I have a suggestion. Call the Project director
Fred Yalouris. His office number is 617 951-6015 and respectfully inform him that this opening is long overdue and suggest that more be done to speed the process. Call or write your city councilors, state
representative, state senator, and your U.S. senators and representatives. Write a letter to the editor.

According to Mr. Yalouris, who did return my call, they have had problems since the beginning.

First there was the asbestos contamination which they had to deal with. Funny, they never told area residents about that.

Then, when the Granite edgestones were delivered, it seems that they weren't made to specification. They had to be sent back and remanufactured.

Next there was the problem with the railing, or fencing along the banks. "The high-tech coating failed" I was told. What? Oh, the paint peeled off. Three hundred plus sections of this fencing had to be sent back to the manufacturer for sandblasting and re coating. Many sections are still missing.

The trees. The contractor allowed most of the trees to die during the dry weather last summer. These trees had to be replaced. It looks like this is all done.

Finally, there is the beaurocratic problem. Construction is part of the Big Dig. That explains a lot right there. When it is complete, it will be turned over to the DCR. Apparently when the hand off takes place, all responsibility on the part of the contractors will end, so DCR doesn't want any part of it until everything is perfect.

Mr. Yalouris did not say why there is hardly ever anybody working at the site. It is hard to believe that much effort is being put into this when it seems deserted. It seems that the usual level of Big Dig oversight is being applied here. They finished their showpiece across the river on Nashua Street over three years ago, so I think they could do it in a couple of weeks if they wanted to.

Go down there and see for yourself. If ever completed it will be the nicest park in Cambridge. There are islands, bridges, fields, canals, the best playground in the city, and a lot of really nice landscaping.

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