NorthPoint Park more.... resident activists

NorthPoint Park more.... resident activists

As I mentioned in the NorthPointPark blog ( Julie & Jay Wasserman, resident of East Cambridge, have created a postcard, here include, to get North Point Park open. I think it's only fair I give them a hand and keep on spreading the words... to all whom visit my blog, either go to East End House, 105 Spring St, 02141 to pickup the postcards or contact Jay at or download the included PDF file, print 2 copies.
Send 1 copy to

Governor Deval Patrick
Office of the Governor
State House, Room 360
Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02133

and 1 copy to:

Commissioner Rick Sullivan
Department of Conservation and Recreation
251 Causeway Street, Ste.600
Boston MA 02114-2104

Let's help get the North Point Park open.... One of the main reason I join in is because, like Julie & Jay, I feel that development without adequate open space leads to over-development, over-crowding, unhealthy environment to live in. I believe that our Neighborhood is over-developed and the need for open space is a major concern for all the residents of our community.

The North Point Park is a huge open space...the whole city of cambridge would be able to enjoy it, enough being bounced around by the authorities in control (check out my earlier blog: lets get the park open...

I guess I'm mad... real mad... and need some action, don't you?... Also, I really admire the residents of East Cambridge, their activism and enthusiasm and I want to do my part to help them, any way i can... so let make some noise and get the park open...

Thx for reading
Thx for taking action...Yeah..:)

02141, signing out...

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Did you read the article in Sunday's Globe about North Point Park? It sounds like they are promising a December opening now.....

And December it is... a great time to frolic in the park!

If you haven't been there yet, you need to get down there. This is now the nicest park in Cambridge. Flowers, fields, canals, islands, bridges, playgrounds, water play, great views. It gets a little noisy from the highway, the trains, and Boston Sand and Gravel, but it is still my favorite spot.

Come on down and see what we were complaining about being locked out of.