Don’t these look Fun, Fast, and Fossil-Fuel-Free?

Don’t these look Fun, Fast, and Fossil-Fuel-Free?

“Imagine what the streets would look like if local delivery vehicles were replaced by these,” says Andrew Brown, Founder and CEO of the New Amsterdam Project (NAP) “Think about the impact on noise, air quality, and carbon emissions.”

"These" are TriCycle Trucks, elegant and dignified human-powered vehicles that replace delivery vans and trucks.

If you want to see one of “these” up close and personal, watch them deliver the Royal Mail in the UK in this video OR

COME TO THE New Amsterdam Project's OPEN HOUSE


Friday November 2 from 4:00PM to 9:00PM.


35 Sacramento Street (at the corner of Oxford)
kitty-cornered from the Maria Baldwin School

Celebrate the community, tour NAP's showroom, munch nutritious snacks, and think about the most appropriate technology for your business, your family, and your life!

NAP’s TriCycle Trucks can carry payloads up to 600 pounds and the built-in optional “electrical assist” kicks you into “warp speed” for an extra boost to keep up with those oh-so-last-millennium motor vehicles if you’re climbing hills or accelerating.

Small Businesses that use NAP's TriCycle Trucks service don't need

  • insurance (all insured by NAP),
  • maintenance (maintained by NAP)
  • special licensing
  • and they incur no fossil-fuel expenses

A win-win-win-win situation.

Even the family mini-van can be replaced by the BiCycle MiniVan, and in Great Britain, NAP TriCycle Trucks deliver the Royal Mail! (Watch this in a cool video!)

Read more about Andrew Brown and NAP in Paige Doughty's column on the Go Greenstreets website or contact NAP at 617-491-3700.

The New Amsterdam Project, LLC, is chartered in Massachusetts to replace internal-combustion vehicles in North America with human-powered vehicles to build stronger, more resilient, and self-reliant communities.